California, Vermont and Michigan approve abortion until birth

Slippery slope: three US states pass measures bordering on infanticide

History shows us that a democracy without values can end up degenerating and becoming something monstrous.

Scandal in the USA: the left-wing blocks a law against infanticide in the Senate
A governor of the Democratic Party defends infanticide and provokes controversy in the US

A new aberration: abortion until birth

Unfortunately, history repeats itself. In the last hours, and according to LifeNews, three states in the United States -California, Vermont and Michigan - have approved legalizing abortion until birth, measures that already border on infanticide. In this case, these measures are not only the responsibility of debased politicians: it has been a majority of voters who who already supported that aberration at the polls. In the Michigan case, Billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg have contributed to the campaign for this monstrosity, demonstrating the extent to which a democracy can end up eroding human rights, in this case the right to life, when unscrupulous activists join forces with many resources.

An attack against human rights that is not something isolated

What happened in those three US states should serve as a reflection on democracy and the dangerous trends that threaten it. And it is that without respect for human rights we cannot speak of democracy, and the first of human rights is life. Furthermore, this is not an isolated incident. Those who promote these attacks against the lives of the most innocent and defenseless are the same ones who also support the imposition of gender ideology in schools - violating other fundamental rights such as freedom of education, ideological freedom and religious freedom- and they also intend to curtail freedom of expression so that it does not interfere with their ideological dogmas, qualifying as "hate" any discrepancy towards these dogmas.

The slippery slope that started with abortion

Some of us have been warning for years now that attacks against human dignity such as the legalization of abortion and euthanasia push our society down a slippery slope, in which we end up passing from those atrocities to others, morally anesthetizing people so that they do not offer resistance to what previously seemed to them a monstrosity. Let us remember that in 2019, the Democratic Party blocked an anti-infanticide bill in the US Senate. That law was intended to prohibit the act of killing unborn children who survived an abortion (something very common). That same year, a Democratic Party governor sparked controversy by openly advocating infanticide. Much more recently, last summer pro-abortion groups defended a mother who murdered her newborn daughter.

What we are seeing now is the logical consequence of the perverse propaganda that pro-abortion groups have been using. First they talked about abortion in exceptional cases. Then there was the open bar to abort within certain time limits, sustaining the premise that abortion until birth would cause great rejection since at that point, excuses such as "it's just a handful of cells" or "it is not a human being" they are no longer swallowed by even the most ignorant. Now comes abortion until birth, when the moral anesthesia reaches the point of cynicism that it no longer matters if they are human: the only thing that matters is that they bother. Stretching the same moral vacuum, infanticide will soon arrive.

It's time to tell the truth no matter who it bothers

There is no point in being shocked by infanticide if we are not shocked by abortion, and abortion activists know it. That is why we must be firm: infanticide is a monstrosity just as abortion is at any time during pregnancy. In both cases we are dealing with the murder of an innocent and defenseless human being in different stages of development. That the murder takes place inside the womb, where a baby should be safer, does not make it less cruel and perverse. That slippery slope to which we have been pushed can only be stopped by calling things by their name, defending the truth without lukewarmness or half measures, no matter who it bothers.


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