The NGO UN Watch has criticized that organization for its scandalous bias

The UN dedicates more tweets to Elon Musk on Twitter than to Iran for killing 314 people

The United Nations seems to be more concerned about ending the censorship of conservatives on Twitter than about the bloody Iranian crackdown.

Islamist group that the UN refused to condemn shoots a pregnant woman and murders her baby
The scandalous UN message on Twitter supporting the violent 'Antifa' fanatics

In recent months, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with the invading power (Russia) sitting on the UN Security Council (a council that also includes another dictatorship: the Chinese communist regime) and without any sanction being adopted against it, it had already called into question the current role of that international organization. In recent days we have seen a new situation that calls into question the priorities of the UN.

Not even a UN resolution against the brutal repression of the Iranian dictatorship

Last Saturday, the NGO UN Watch denounced the UN's lack of reaction to the bloody repression of the Iranian Islamist regime against the social protests that are taking place in that country as a result of the murder of Mahsa Amini by the "Moral Police", for the mere fact of not carrying out "properly" Islamic veil. UN Watch has pointed out that the Iranian regime has already killed 314 people, injured 5,328 and arrested 14,170, without so far there having been a single resolution, emergency session or commission of the UN Human Rights Council to address this brutal repression.

The Iranian dictatorship is taking advantage of this situation to aggravate its repressive measures. A few days ago, 227 Iranian MPs called on the regime to execute protesters, calling them "enemies of God". Again, the UN has remained silent in the face of this barbarity.

Three tweets in almost two months to warn Iran...

Since the assassination of Mahsa Amini in mid-September, in almost two months the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has only dedicated three tweets to Iran. To those who ignore the activity of that body, it may seem enough, but that figure contrasts with its reaction to a more recent and more insignificant matter than the murder of hundreds of protesters at the hands of a dictatorship.

... and eight tweets in a week to warn Elon Musk

Two weeks ago, the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk materialized. Among the plans of the new owner was to recover freedom of expression, after the controversy unleashed by the ideological censorship that this social network has been imposing on conservative users, while acting with wide sleeves before leftist users. Well, last Saturday, a week after that purchase was announced, the office of the High Commissioner of the UN for Human Rights sent Musk a thread with eight tweets warning him that "he has enormous responsibilities" and placing limits on freedom of expression. Eight tweets in a week on Twitter and only three in two months about the massacres in Iran. He is outrageous.

UN Geneva support for a violent far-left organization

Interestingly, in that thread, the aforementioned UN office warned Musk that freedom of expression does not cover "discrimination, hostility or violence" and added: "Twitter's policy barring such speech is a must-have." Musk should act accordingly against that organization.

Let us remember that two years ago the UN headquarters in Geneva published a tweet supporting the violent extreme left group "Antifa", responsible for serious incidents in the United States and other countries. UN Geneva warned that a statement made by the US Attorney General, describing these violent extreme leftists as "domestic terrorists", "undermines the rights to freedom of expression and of peaceful assembly in the country." That is, to defend a violent group involved in looting stores, destroying monuments, the murder of 10 people and other violent acts is something that falls within "freedom of speech", according to the UN, but be very careful what you post on Twitter if you're a conservative, ok?

UN Watch criticizes the UN for its scandalous bias

Last Sunday, in response to that UN thread, UN Watch criticized that the organization engages in lecturing Musk "on human rights while its members include China, Venezuela and Pakistan, and while the total number of urgent sessions he has convened on the Islamic Republic of Iran is 0". This drift of the UN, increasingly away from the defense of human rights, is explained in the fact that communist dictatorships and Islamic dictatorships are part of UN agencies responsible for safeguarding those rights. A fact that, together with the abundance of left-wing activists among UN officials, gives rise to things as unfortunate as that this organization has refused to condemn a terrorist and anti-Semitic organization such as Hamas. And the UN still dares to lecture Elon Musk on human rights?


Photo: United Nations Photo.

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