Sánchez benefits coup leaders and corrupts and threatens judges with prison

Yesterday Peru and now Spain: coup by the leftist govt against judicial independence

This week we are witnessing an exhibition of the trampling of democracy by the left. After the coup in Peru, now it's Spain's turn.

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This is how socialism broke the legal brakes against abuses of power in Spain

A robbery of democracy, violating the separation of powers

Last night, taking advantage of the fact that it was a public holiday in Spain, a pro-government far-left media, Eldiario.es, published a news announcing a real assault on the Judiciary, in order to abolish the three-fifths majority in the General Council of the Judiciary to elect the magistrates of the Constitutional Court, reforming an existing norm since 1985. It is a blatant way of violating judicial independence to submit that Court to government control, changing the qualified majority that was necessary for its renewal, simply because the government does not have that majority. It is a robbery of democracy, which is based on the separation of powers.

Impunity for coup plotters and corrupt politicians and prison threats against judges

In addition, the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos want to change another 1979 law to threaten the judiciary with criminal consequences if they do not renew the Constitutional Court within the period demanded by the government. The height of indecency is that these changes are going to be processed as amendments to a reform of the Criminal Code that simultaneously eliminates the crime of sedition at the request of the government's separatist partners, in order to leave unpunished the perpetrators of the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia, and also reduces the crime of embezzlement in order to also leave impunity for the crimes of corruption committed in that coup, also opening the door for other corrupt politicians to convicted of crimes of embezzlement benefit from this reform.

In short: Pedro Sánchez favors coup leaders and corrupt people, because he depends on their support to remain in power for another year, and at the same time he threatens judges with prison for not submitting to the whims of the government. And all this before the complicit silence of Brussels, because the socialists have a wide presence in the current European Commission.

This government is a threat to the rule of law in Spain

We are facing an act of enormous gravity, with which the government of socialists and communists headed by Sánchez threatens to liquidate the rule of law in Spain, changing the laws at will and with the sole purpose of serve their personal interests, and adapting them to the letter to the crimes committed by the allies of the government. It is the biggest corruption scandal that has been seen in Spain: a shameless trade in favors between the government and some criminals, made publicly and, furthermore, proceeding to liquidate the independence of the Judiciary so that judges do not hinder this trampling of the rule of law. What's next? Dissolve Congress as Pedro Castillo did in Peru?

The precedent of the illegal suspension of Congress in 2020

Unfortunately, there are already recent precedents for that in Spain. In October 2021, the Constitutional Court that Sánchez wants to submit to his control ruled that the government illegally suspended the operation of Congress during the first state of alarm due to the pandemic in March 2020. It was the first time in the history of democracy in Spain that a government was declared to have violated the Constitution by suspending the activity of Congress, but instead of acknowledging that it did wrong , Sanchez said he would do it again. A statement that, together with this government assault on the judiciary, makes it clear that democracy is threatened in Spain by a government that does not respect the Constitution and that shamelessly violates it.

Spain is on its way to being a replica of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua

We have already seen the left take steps like this in other countries like Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, corrupting democratic countries until turning them into dictatorships. Many thought that it was not possible for something like this to happen in Spain, but it is happening. And if something like this is happening, which until now seemed unthinkable in a country like ours, it is not just because of the arrogance and authoritarianism of the government, but also due to the lukewarmness of a part of the opposition (the Popular Party), due to the complicity of many media outlets (watered by the government with millions of euros in public aid) and by the passivity of a large part of society. The Spanish have to react now, if they don't want to end up like Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

The complicity of the European Commission with the authoritarianism of Sánchez

In addition, it is necessary for the opposition to launch an offensive in the European institutions not only against this assault by the Sánchez government on democracy, but also due to the complicity of Brussels. It is extremely serious that this is happening in a country of the European Union and that the European Commission does nothing, simply because Sánchez is a like-minded politician, while he undertakes a persecution against the conservative governments of Poland and Hungary for reasons purely ideological. If Ursula von der Leyen is willing to allow Spain to become a replica of Venezuela so as not to lose the support of her socialist allies in the European Parliament, then what the president of the Commission must do is resign and make way for a more capable person who is not willing to subordinate the rule of law to their personal interests.


Foto: Europa Press.

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