A feature film by Jean-Jacques Annaud about the burning of the Paris Cathedral

'Notre-Dame on fire': excellent movie with an outstanding treatment of religious fact

In today's cinema it is difficult to find films that surprise one as much as this Franco-Italian film from 2022 and that I had the opportunity to see yesterday.

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"Notre-Dame brûle", distributed in English as "Notre-Dame on fire", is a movie directed by the French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud that narrates the fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris that occurred on April 15 of 2019. The film initially focuses on the staff of the Cathedral, and then stars the firefighters who came to put out the spectacular fire that destroyed this great jewel of Gothic architecture.

To tell the truth, I was encouraged to see the film because it was available on Movistar and the trailer caught my attention. What I did not expect was to find a film of such excellent quality, with very good action scenes, a spectacular recreation of the Paris Cathedral (especially the part that burned down), great special effects , very good cinematography and very realistic scenes about the intervention of the firefighters (in fact, I thought it was one of the best movies about firefighters I've seen to date).

But if the ingredients that I have just mentioned already serve to admire a good film, the icing on the cake is an excellent and very respectful treatment of the religious fact, something that I did not expect from a French film, taking into account the secularism prevailing in that country. Specifically, the final image of the film is simply great. Seeing the wave of "wokismo" that runs through a good part of today's cinema, this Franco-Italian film is even more admirable. I highly recommend it. You can see the trailer (with English subtitles) here:

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