Separatism wants to break Spain with 27.49% of voters in Catalonia

Spain: the new coup plan that would force the invocation of the Article 8 of the Constitution

The separatists feel so emboldened by the assignments of Pedro Sánchez that they are already suggesting that a minority is capable of breaking the unity of Spain.

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Separatism wants to break Spain with 27.49% of Catalan voters

As published by the agency Europa Press, ERC separatists want a referendum in which with 50% participation and 55% yes, the independence of Catalonia is declared. In fact, it is the plan they have for the next 4 years, after having obtained for Sánchez to pardon the perpetrators of the separatist coup in 2017, and then promote the elimination of the crime of sedition and a substantial reduction of penalties for the perpetrators of the crime of embezzlement. The fact that socialists and communists have agreed to create an à la carte Penal Code for separatism has conveyed to them the idea that Sánchez and his partners are willing to do whatever it takes to remain in power.

Taking advantage of this lack of scruples on the left-wing, ERC wants a referendum agreed with the government to break up Spain but that only the Catalans vote, while the rest of us Spaniards remain spectators watching how they tear our country apart. But the mockery raised by the separatists is not only directed against the rest of the Spaniards, but also against the Spaniards of Catalonia. The figures reported by ERC imply that a "yes" to independence by 27.49% of Catalan voters was enough to break the unity of Spain. In the 2021 Catalan elections, with a 51.29% turnout, the separatist parties accounted for 48.68% of the votes cast. Perhaps they hope to get a scratch figure with which they can break hundreds of years of coexistence and common history among Spaniards.

A coup against the Constitution with the government as a possible accomplice

Of course, what ERC is clearly proposing is a new separatist coup, which is why it was so interested in the government of Pedro Sánchez repealing the crime of sedition and lowering the crime of embezzlement: to do it again and get away with it If the Sánchez government accepted such a referendum, then it would become an accomplice in the separatist coup. No Spanish government has the authority or right to call an independence referendum. Article 2 of the Spanish Constitution is very clear: "The Constitution is based on the indissoluble unity of the Spanish Nation, the common and indivisible homeland of all Spaniards." If the government agreed to cut up Spain, the government would be carrying out a coup against constitutional law.

What the Eighth Article of the Spanish Constitution says

Faced with a situation like this, in addition to appealing to Article 2, we should also remember Article 8 of the Constitution: "The mission of the Armed Forces, comprising the Army, the Navy and the Air Force, is to guarantee the sovereignty and independence of Spain and to defend its territorial integrity and the constitutional order." If the government decides to demolish Spain, the King, the Cortes and the Constitutional Court would be entitled to demand the intervention of the Armed Forces to put an end to this coup.

It must be remembered that the Spanish Constitution was approved by 91.81% of Spaniards, with a participation of 67.11%. In Catalonia the participation was 67.9% and the "yes" added 90.5% of the votes. Thus, what separatism poses is not only a new blow to the Constitution, but also a kidnapping of the Catalan people. And to solve kidnappings are the State Security Forces and, if necessary, Also the Armed Forces. It is not possible to imagine a more noble mission for our Armed Forces than to defend the unity of Spain, democracy and the Rule of Law against some coup plotters who want to destroy them. This is what happened in Peru, where the Police and the Army defended democracy against coup d'état by Pedro Castillo.

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