The plane had not yet been transferred by Lockheed Martin to the Marines

The impressive crash of an F-35B Lightning II fighter when landing in Fort Worth

This Thursday, a Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning II fighter suffered an accident when landing at the Fort Worth Naval Air Station in Texas.

The recording of the crash of a Marine F-35 fighter at an air base in Japan
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The plane, of the STOVL variant of that fifth-generation American fighter, descended vertically on the runway until it touched down. At that moment, the plane bounced and lost control, hitting the ground with its nose and breaking the front landing gear. The aircraft then began to roll on its nose and banked on its starboard wing. When the main landing gear fully touched down again, the pilot activated his ejection seat, parachuting down a few meters from the plane. The local channel FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth has published a video recorded by Kitt Wilder in the moment of the accident:

In this other WFAA video you can see the state of the plane after the accident:

Stars ad Stripes has reported that General Pat Ryder has reported that the aircraft had not yet been transferred by Lockheed Martin to the US Marine Corps. The accident is now under investigation to find out its cause.

It so happens that only 13 days ago another F-35B, this one already in the hands of the Marines, suffered an accident in Okinawa while being towed at the air base from Kadena. The nose landing gear collapsed and the aircraft ended up with its nose on the ground.


Main image: Kitt Wilder.

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