The Russians incessantly attack the residential areas of that Ukrainian city

The Russian attack on Bakhmut seen from the air: Russia repeats its criminal tactic of Mariupol

The Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, in the Donetsk region, has been subjected to constant attacks by Russian artillery for several weeks. But Bakhmut still resists.

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Mariupol: a dramatic recording of the acts carried out by the Russian tanks

In that Ukrainian town, Russia is repeating the criminal tactic it used months ago in Mariupol: razing the city, indiscriminately attacking its residential areas, resorting to terror to break the Ukrainian resistance. The problem for Russia is that the Ukrainian contingent defending Bakhmut is larger than the one defending Mariupol, and it also has more supplies. However, the situation is still dire for the local population, who is enduring constant attacks by Russian artillery, as shown by this video published yesterday by the Ukrainian channel Butusov Plus, which shows the Russian attack on that Ukrainian city recorded from the air with a drone:

Here you can see some video captures that show the state of that city, a situation that is increasingly similar to the one we already saw in Mariupol in March.

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