Residents of Castellón have protested against this act of Christianophobia

Like the Taliban: The left demolishes a Cross in the middle of the Christmas holidays in Spain

The Christianophobia of the left does not rest even in the middle of the Christmas holidays, as has been demonstrated again today in the Spanish city of Castellón.

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The City Council has called the Police in the face of protests from neighbors

This morning, bypassing the judicial process that is pending resolution around the monument, the City Council of that city, in the hands of the PSOE socialists and the ultra-leftists of Podemos and Compromís, has started the works for the removal de la Cruz de Ribalta in the midst of a spontaneous protest by neighbors who did not agree with that decision. To protect the work for the demolition, the City Council has called the Local Police and the National Police, who have deployed a cordon in the area.

The Cross of Ribalta, whose demolition began today (Photo: No al derribo de la cruz del Parque Ribalta - Castellón).

Christian lawyers took legal action to prevent the demolition

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers had taken legal action to prevent the demolition of the Cross, and had requested precautionary measures from the Justice, which were denied by a Court alleging that the demolition was not imminent, something that has shown not be true. From Christian Lawyers point out that the leftist parties of the local government "know that the residents of Castellón DO NOT WANT the removal of the cross. That is why they have waited for the city to be empty for Christmas. The PSOE wants the demolition of the the cross goes unnoticed, because they know it will harm them in the municipal elections. We cannot allow their move to go well."

The works for the removal of the Cross, started today (Photo: Europa Press).

The Cross was stripped of political connotations in 1979

The Cross of Ribalta was erected in 1944, during the Franco regime, as a tribute to those who fell in the Spanish Civil War. After the arrival of democracy, the Cross was resignified in 1979 in a vote in the City Council, with the support of the left-wing parties -including the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of the PCE- to become in a monument to "All the victims of violence", an inscription that has appeared next to the Cross ever since until the letters were vandalized by left-wing activists. Thus, it was a monument without political connotations for 44 years, but once again the left has imposed its Christianophobia over any other consideration.

The Christianophobia of the Spanish left and its bloody past

The left has been causing controversy in Spain for years with its attempts to demolish monumental Crosses, in the purest style of the Afghan Taliban. The desire to destroy Christian symbols led the far-left Podemos party, Pedro Sánchez's governing partner, to demand the demolition of the largest Cross in the world, that of the Valley of the Fallen, raised in honor of all the dead of the Civil War (those from both sides) but which is the target of hatred from the left for the mere fact of being a Christian symbol.

It must be remembered that in that war, the left unleashed a bloody persecution against Catholics during which 13 bishops, 4,184 priests, 2,365 men and women religious were assassinated; many of the women, also, were raped. Among the victims were also thousands of Catholic laymen who were killed for their faith. Many of these martyrs for religious persecution have already been beatified by the Catholic Church. Until now, the Spanish left has never apologized for those crimes, and it even insists on erasing the memory of those murdered, in a crude attempt to rewrite history.


Main photo: No al derribo de la cruz del Parque Ribalta - Castellón.

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