Christian lawyers file a lawsuit against 'Mongolia' for money laundering

The Sánchez government gave 61,000 euros to a pamphlet that promotes Christianophobia

A rain of public money to promote Christianophobia and freely offend Christians. That's what the Spanish government spends our taxes on.

Spain is one of the five European countries that most violate the freedoms of Christians
The bishops denounce that the government of Pedro Sánchez "puts freedom at risk"

A pamphlet that insults Christians but defends Islam

The Spanish Foundation of Christian Lawyers announced this afternoon the presentation of a complaint for a crime of money laundering (Article 301 of the Penal Code) and a crime against religious sentiments (Article 525.1 of the CP) against the magazine "Mongolia", which in its last issue has published a cover has made a new gratuitous attack on Christians for Christmas, presenting Christ as dung. It so happens that four years ago, that far-left pamphlet said it doesn't mess with Islam because "it is a religion that respects homosexuals and women".

The founder of the pamphlet was in prison for collaborating with ETA

The Christian Lawyers Foundation has indicated that its complaint is directed against the publishing house Mong SL, promoter of Mongolia Magazine, and one of its representatives, Gonzalo Boye, who in 1996 was sentenced to 14 years in prison for collaboration with the terrorist group ETA in the kidnapping of businessman Emiliano Revilla. The complainants point out that "Gonzalo Boye, founder and representative of Mongolia, is convicted of kidnapping and accused of money laundering from drug trafficking. Therefore, the organization of jurists files this complaint for an alleged link between Boye's criminal activity and the publisher."

"They use the attack on Christians to divert attention from their accounts"

The president of Christian Lawyers, Polonia Castellanos, has declared: "In view of the accounts to which we have had access, we think that it is evident that this magazine could have been used, allegedly, to commit a crime of laundering for which one of its founders is accused. In the last year, the publishing house has received more than 61,000 euros in public subsidies." Castellanos insists that "they use the attack on Christians to divert attention from their accounts and an alleged crime of money laundering, which now would also be subsidized by the Government of Pedro Sanchez."

The sharp drop in sales that 'Mongolia' has registered since 2018

In the complaint document, to which Counting Stars has had access, it is indicated that the far-left pamphlet has registered a sharp drop in sales in recent years, which explains why it now resorts to the gratuitous offense against Christians in a desperate bid for attention. In 2018 "Mongolia" brought in 322,651.96 euros in sales, which dropped to 302,801.20 in 2019 and 245,225.18 in 2020. That magazine had already been resorting to insults and humiliation for years to discredit everyone those who are not liked by the left. In 2018 she was sentenced to pay 40,000 for violating the right to the honor of José Ortega Cano. The far-left pamphlet launched a fundraiser to pay that money, but it did not cover the amount, for which reason it stated that its future "is now greatly threatened."

In 2020 'Mongolia' asked the government for help and in 2021 received 61,000 euros in grants

Coincidentally, in April 2020 "Mongolia" was one of the far-left media that asked the Spanish government to be rescued with public funds. And it seems that from La Moncloa they responded to the request, judging by the information from the Transparency Portal that includes the complaint by Christian Lawyers: two ministries of the Socialist Party (PSOE), Culture and Economic Affairs, granted 61,018.38 euros in grants to "Mongolia" in 2021. The Culture item was 9,018.38 euros and the Economic Affairs item 52,000 euros. Christian Lawyers points out that the magazine has applied for "subsidies as a cultural magazine (non-comedy and non-satirical)".

Christian Lawyers points out a possible irregularity in the granting of these subsidies

The Foundation also points out a possible irregularity in the granting of these subsidies:"it must be taken into account that Editorial Mong SL has been a beneficiary of subsidies in the last year (2021), for an amount of more than 60,000 euros, not being able to present negative accounting data or debts to access them, not knowing what reports they have provided to obtain said aid if they have not published any accounting for 2 years, it is another more inexplicable act that does not agree with the real situation of the company and its administrator."

The complaint filed by Christian Lawyers states that "despite receiving these huge subsidies, the SL presents serious economic problems, a very low favorable credit", of only 1,000 euros, according to evidence the complaint, "and a very notable reduction in sales in recent years, which has not affected the SL to continue carrying out its commercial activity."

A hateful pamphlet that is dedicated to insulting everyone who is not on the left

It is not the first time that this far-left pamphlet has been seen at the center of a controversy. In 2016 "Mongolia" severely insulted Mother Teresa of Calcutta by mocking her old age and calling her a "fucking peanut". In August 2018, that pamphlet called a woman a "nut" for asserting scientific evidence (that human life begins at conception). In October 2020, the far-left pamphlet called the Association of Victims and Affected by Coronavirus (ANVAC) "fascist seals" for having placed Spanish flags on a beach in memory of their deceased loved ones during the pandemic. At the same time, "Mongolia" has sometimes complained that left-wing characters are being insulted, while this pamphlet indiscriminately insults Christians and right-wing people.


Photo: La Moncloa.

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