An ingenious solution to avoid unpleasant surprises after a relationship

A great legal invention could avoid cases like that of the police lover and the far-left

The extreme left is in an uproar in Spain over a crazy story about an infiltrated police officer and their sexual relations.

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The story in question is based on the idea that that agent reportedly slept with eight far-left women who didn't know he was a police officer. Five of them have taken the matter to court, accusing the agent of "sexual abuse and torture", despite the fact that they themselves have acknowledged that these relationships were consensual. All this absurd history has two extreme left groups behind it: the anarchist union Confederación General del Trabajo (CGT) and the Colectivo Irídia, among whose founders is Mariana Huidobro, mother of Rodrigo Lanza, convicted of leaving quadriplegic to a policeman in Barcelona, Juan José Salas, and for the murder of Víctor Laínez in Zaragoza. Also carries the accusation against 45 police officers who stopped the 2017 separatist coup in Catalonia.

Several jurists have pointed out that the case is nonsense that does not stand up legally. It would be absurd for a police officer to have to show his badge before having sex, which seems to be what the extreme left is trying to do with this ridiculous scandal that he has set up. On the other hand, criminalizing the use of lies as a means of having sexual relations would fill prisons with millions of men and women. There are many people of both sexes who lie about various aspects of their lives, or simply hide some of them, in order to sleep with someone.

It is curious to observe who are promoting this scandal which, after all, seems to try to judge infidelity in sentimental matters as if it were a crime, something completely absurd unless we refer to Islamic countries. Let's review the paradox: The extreme left has been promoting ideological theses for a long time that attack the most entrenched social institutions because they consider them oppressive and bourgeois, from the family to religion, including motherhood. Since the time of Marx, the extreme left has been promoting a model of society where the traditional family had to be eradicated. What are they complaining about now?

However, it must be said that cases like this have a solution. We could invent a legal mechanism that would offer women more security in sexual relations, a mechanism that would allow them to guarantee the necessary knowledge of their male partners in order to avoid sleeping with someone they did not expect. This mechanism could be preceded by a stage of rapprochement between the couple, so that both the woman and the man were quite sure of the person they were dating. Finally, a legal contract could be created that would guarantee that both parties know the real identity of the other person, so that the day after having had sexual relations they do not have unpleasant surprises. This legal invention would only be missing a name: for example, "marriage".

Obviously, you don't have to get married to have sex. You can have them with whoever you want, without even needing to know the other person's name. What does not make much sense is that people who abhor marriage now start crying for having lost the security offered by this ancient institution. The extreme left has exploded all over its face the "sexual liberationism" that it has been promoting since the 1960s and with which it intended to liquidate institutions such as marriage and the family. It is fair that now the extreme left enjoys the consequences of its ideas. That police officer has enough in question having endured eight left extremists. Only for that, he deserves to be decorated.


Photo: Contando Estrelas.

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