The enmity between the two countries has parked in the city of Alexandretta

Reasons for hope in the midst of disaster: Greek firefighters rescue a Turkish girl

The catastrophe suffered by Turkey and Syria due to yesterday's earthquakes has resulted in thousands of deaths and has mobilized aid from 44 countries.

Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey: this is how you can send help for those affected
The departure of Spanish military aid for those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey

One of those countries has been Greece. As is well known, Greeks and Turks are neighbors but are separated by an enmity that dates back to long ago, and which remains despite the fact that both countries are members of NATO and, therefore, theoretically allies. Despite this, and according to Greek Reporter,Greece has sent a relief team consisting of 21 firefighters and 2 search dogs. Today they have staged a very exciting moment.

In the city of Alexandretta, a town of Greek origin -it was founded by Alexander the Great- and known in Turkish as Iskenderum, Greek firefighters managed to save a 6-year-old Turkish girl who had been buried under a collapsed building. Firefighters made their way to it using special equipment. The girl's arms had been trapped under her rubble. Finally, they managed to get her out alive, a moment that you can see in the following video:

Unfortunately, the firefighters were unable to save that girl's older sister. At the end of the video you can see the scenes of emotion that these firefighters have experienced. The gruesome images you must be seeing are hard to imagine. Much encouragement to all the rescue teams from different countries, among them Spain, which are already working in the area to help those affected by the earthquakes. God bless you.

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