They have turned the woman and her unborn children into objects

The prostitution scandal of the socialists and their links with their pro-abortion militancy

Spain is witnessing, despite the attempt of the leftist media to hide it, the degree of moral corruption that exists in the socialist ranks.

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A prostitution scandal that splashes the socialist ranks

The PSOE (socialist party that governs Spain) is being peppered by a new case of political corruption, the Mediator Case, which has already led to the arrest of a deputy from that party. The socialist leadership tried to limit the possible damage of this scandal by expelling that deputy, who was forced to resign and abandon his seat. A few days ago it was learned that 15 or 16 socialist deputies participated in orgies with prostitutes and drugs, and that these orgies also took place while the The government kept us Spaniards locked up in our homes because of the confinement imposed by Pedro Sánchez due to the pandemic in 2020.

These orgies took place in Madrid and they were paid by businessmen interested in obtaining public aid granted by the regional government of the Canary Islands, a government headed by the PSOE. This is not the first scandal for this party related to prostitution. In 2018, the PSOE was involved in another corruption case, this time in Andalusia, for the use of public money earmarked for the unemployed to organize orgies with prostitutes, spending more than 15,000 euros from taxpayers in a single night of partying.

Has this moral corruption influenced socialist policies?

Taking these facts into account, it is worth asking to what extent this moral corruption has ended up founding the policies of that party, and specifically its pro-abortion policies. And it is also worth asking to what extent the feminists of the PSOE and other left-wing feminists have ended up being mere useful fools at the service of a way of understanding women as objects on the part of socialist men. Let's remember that feminist pioneers opposed abortion, not only for being something degrading and for treating the unborn child as property (which is just what they rejected for women), but also because they considered it a form of exploitation of women, as pointed out by Alice Paul, writer of the constitutional amendment that granted the right to vote to women in the US.

Prostitution, a big business for abortionists

On this issue, I recommend reading the detailed article written in 2020 by Marvin Olasky with the title "Abortion and prostitution". Olasky is also the author of a detailed study of abortion in the United States, "Abortion Rites: A Social History of Abortion in America" (Wheaton, Illinois: Crossway Books, 1992). In both works the relationship between abortion and prostitution, mainly in the US but also providing data on France. For example, he cites New York detective John H. Warren (author of the book "Thirty Years' Battle with Crime", published in 1875), who pointed out that >prostitution is "the business of the abortionist" and denounced that abortionists "flourish and grow rich from prostitution as a source of income." This was wrote a man who spent three decades fighting crime in the largest city in the United States.

Olasky also cites the study carried out at the same time by a French researcher, Doctor Jean-Baptiste Parent-Duchatelet, who brought to light the high rate of abortions among prostitutes in France, after Obtain data on this in hospitals and prisons. Until then, there was a belief that prostitutes were sterile or had very low fertility rates, due in part to the sexually transmitted diseases they contracted. Parent-Duchatelet warned: "If these public girls rarely bring their pregnancies to term, it is because they almost always abort them."

Prostitution and its influence on the social normalization of abortion

Transferring the results of this investigation to the US and starting from the data obtained by John McDowall during his investigation of prostitution in New York in the first half of the 19th century, Olasky points out that "100,000 prostitution-related abortions may have happened annually in the United States on the eve of the Civil War", and that among a population of some 66,000 prostitutes. In other words, many of them aborted more than once a year. Already in the second half of the 19th century, the aforementioned detective John H. Warren warned about how this form of exploitation of the woman was relaxing a part of society's rejection of abortion and even infanticide: "Social crimes like infanticide, that were once placed on the same level as murder, are now not only looked upon with complacency but overlooked altogether, but are defended on principle by certain theorists."

It should be noted that already in the 19th century a phenomenon was observed that continues today. Doctor John Trader, of Missouri, argued that men were pushing women to have abortions: "We do not affirm, neither would we have you think for a moment, that the onus of this guilt lies at the feet of women." Olasky also explains that contraceptive methods were already used hundreds of years ago, but they were uncomfortable or ineffective, so abortion continued to be the usual practice to erase the effects of prostitution from the map.

Abortion and its influence on the rise of prostitution in the USSR

Significantly, the first country to legalize abortion was the USSR in 1920, before the Russian Civil War came to an end. Although the Bolsheviks initially combated prostitution, considering it characteristic of capitalist society, in the 1920s prostitution experienced a notable boom in the USSR, coinciding with the failure of the New Economic Policy (NEP, 1921-1929) and the extent of poverty in the country.

Marcelline Hutton, in "Resilient Russian Women in the 1920s & 1930s" (2015), points to the denunciation of the main promoter of the legalization of abortion in the USSR, the Soviet leader Alexandra Kollontai: "Kollontai criticized another nasty aspect of NEP—the return of wide-scale prostitution. Prostitution had initially declined under the Bolsheviks, but high unemployment among women, even white-collar workers, had distressing effects in the mid-1920s. One socialist observed: “Men with money and women without” lead to prostitution." Hutton adds: "During this period, women’s unemployment skyrocketed and prostitution and abortion increased, as did abandonment of children."

A way to get rid of the effects of male debauchery

After what we have just seen, it is worth wondering if socialism wanted to legalize abortion to "liberate" women or to free men from the effects of licentiousness. Because today, and as pro-life associations have been denouncing for years, this pressure on women to abort has become very common on the part of their male partners, reaching the point that many women who intended to abort they back down when they receive help from these pro-life associations. The aid that their partners had denied them, and also the same aid for pregnant mothers without resources that the PSOE has been rejecting in Spain.

What the left has achieved with its support for abortion is turning unborn children and also women into things, and all this with the complicity of left-wing feminists, who have been the accomplices necessary in a form of exploitation of women that goes to the extreme of liquidating their unborn children so that socialist men can continue having orgies without worrying about the consequences and so that the abortion lobby, which has a notable influence on the political and media left, can continue to reap considerable benefits. What a defenders of women.

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