A series broadcast by Polish Television with an excellent setting

'Wartime Girls' (Wojenne dziewczyny): a good TV series about Poland in World War II

Not long ago, while zapping, I saw that on Cosmo -a channel I almost never watch- a series titled "Guerreras" (Wartime Girls) was starting.

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For a moment I thought it was a series about the Spanish Civil War, due to the setting, until I realized that the credits were in Polish. I started watching the series and in the end I ended up hooked. Episode 13 of the first season aired last night (currently the series is in its fifth). This is a series broadcast by Polish Television and which premiered on March 5, 2017. Cosmo has broadcast it in Spanish this past week in the early morning hours and, as indicated on its website, it is available on Cosmo On, its on-demand content service.

The protagonists of the series -at least in this first season- are three girls: Irena 'Irka' Szczęsna (played by Marta Mazurek), an innocent girl and daughter of a family of Polish patriots; Marysia "Mela" Joachim (Aleksandra Pisula), a Jewish girl who is a virtuoso on the viola; and Ewa "Czarna" Fronczak (Vanessa Alexander), a pretty thief released from prison at the start of the German invasion. The three of them ended up meeting and enlisting in the Polish resistance in 1941.

The series has a spectacular setting. The historical details are very well taken care of and the history shows the harsh hardships suffered by the Polish people during the German occupation. One of the events that will most surprise those who do not know the history of Poland is the raids that the Germans carried out on entire streets, taking everyone they found, without their loved ones knowing anything about it again. of them. The series also shows the Warsaw Ghetto and the harsh conditions in which the Jews who were imprisoned there by the Germans lived.

In the series we find all kinds of characters: cruel and ruthless Germans, others who feel remorse and even shame, Poles who fight in the resistance for love of their Homeland, scoundrels who take advantage of the situation and People who don't want to get into trouble. The plot of the series is very well done. At the moment it already has 65 episodes, a sign that it must have been successful in Poland. I hope we have the opportunity to continue seeing new seasons in Spanish. I recommend it. You can see here the trailer in Polish and with English subtitles published by the Polish Television:

The series is available on the Polish Television website, in Polish. I have not found any other channel that broadcasts it in Spanish or English. The first season is available on Amazon in Polish with English subtitles.

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