An infamous misinformation already denied in 2022 by the Polish government

Ok Diario's fake news about Poland and Ukraine based on Russian intelligence

1Some Spanish media are playing a perverse role in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, contributing to the spread of hoaxes about Russia.

Poland's warning about the effects of a Russian victory in Ukraine
Poland's hard reproach to France and Germany for their lukewarm attitude towards Russia

A fake news based on the SVR, Russian foreign intelligence

An example of this is a news item published today by Ok Diario, a spanish digital media outlet directed by Eduardo Inda. The news headline states the following: "Poland wants to annex three regions of western Ukraine when peace is negotiated." It's been a long time since I followed that medium and I didn't imagine that I would be able to publish something like this.

Reviewing the news, we can see that the only source that Ok Diario provides to justify this headline is the Putin regime, specifically its foreign intelligence service, the SVR: "the director of the Russian foreign intelligence, Sergey Naryshkin, assured back then that Poland wanted to annex Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and part of Ternopil. According to him, Poland believes that it deserves generous compensation from Ukraine for military assistance and shelter for the displaced".

Ok Diario already published that same hoax on February 24

That text comes at the end of the news. In the rest of the text, the aforementioned outlet states that "Andrzej Duda's country also demands part of the board: Poland wants to annex three regions in western Ukraine: Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and the most of Ternopil". Ok Diario links this statement to another piece of news from the same outlet, also written by María Ruiz, in which she stated that peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine "failed due to different factors, among them, that Poland put on the table its old claims after World War II over Ukrainian territory."

And how did Ok Diario justify that statement? Well, with this text: "Specifically, the director of the Russian foreign intelligence service, Sergey Naryshkin, assured that Poland wanted to annex Lviv,, Ivano-Frankivsk and most of the Ternopil regions. According to him, Poland believes that it deserves generous compensation from Ukraine for military assistance and shelter for the displaced". As we can see, it is practically the same text as the news published today, in which Ok Diario accepts a lie from Russia's foreign intelligence service.

Pro-Russian propaganda disguised as journalism

Significantly, in that news item, published on February 24, Ok Diario put this phrase in quotation marks in the headline: "Ukraine can't win and Russia can't lose". The The text of the news did not identify the author of that quotation mark and limited itself to saying: "Most Defense analysts respond with an enigmatic phrase, but at the same time, full of sense." What Ok Diario does with Ukraine is not journalism: it is propaganda. Propaganda that is a carbon copy of Russian propaganda.

Thus, Ok Diario accepts the propaganda of the Russian regime , a regime that has invaded Ukraine and is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity against the Ukrainian civilian population there. Regarding Poland's alleged claim to annex a part of Ukraine, there is not a single statement from the President of Poland nor from any member of the Polish government talking about annexing any other country. Neither Ukraine nor any other. What Ok Journal publishes is nothing more than a disinformation campaign by the Kremlin, a campaign that has been joined by pro-Russian media from various countries.

The Polish government already denied that Kremlin hoax in 2022

This Russian disinformation campaign began last year with the obvious objective of breaking the ties of friendship between Ukraine and Poland, which is one of the European countries that is helping the Ukrainian people the most to fight for their freedom and its independence. The Polish government already answered that lie in May 2022:

"The propaganda message indicates that Russia is conducting a multi-pronged smear campaign against Poland, aimed at convincing the public that the Polish government has aggressive plans against Ukraine. Such actions are calculated to provoke hostility between Poland and Ukraine, as well as to depreciate Poland's image in the eyes of international opinion. The Kremlin is trying to show that Poland is a country preparing an invasion of Ukraine.

The various plots used to denigrate Poland suggest that we are dealing with a coordinated campaign against Poland, which has direct ties to Russia's war against Ukraine."

Ok Diario did not publish that statement by the Polish government. Instead, it is dedicated to accepting the Russian regime's lies about Poland, thus trying to further Russia's interests in its invasion of Ukraine. The publication of false news like the one that Ok Diario publishes today gives a clear measure of the confidence that this medium can inspire in its readers. With its fake news today, Ok Diario has thrown its credibility overboard.


Photo: Tomasz Bidermann / Shutterstock.

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