Morawiecki explodes against Macron, Scholz and Merkel after the Bucha Massacre

Poland's hard reproach to France and Germany for their lukewarm attitude towards Russia

The attitude of France, Germany and other European countries and the Bucha Massacre have exhausted Poland's patience, as was seen on Monday.

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Call for an international commission to investigate the Bucha Massacre

In a press conference (you can see the video here), the Polish Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, was especially harsh. His speech has been picked up by the official Polish agency PAP. On the Bucha Massacre, the Polish foreign minister noted: "We need such an international commission if we want to know the truth about the extent of Russian crimes, about the extent of Russian fascist crimes." Faced with the horrendous scenes that were seen last weekend, Morawiecki said: "When we look at these terrible crimes against women, children and entire families, our cry should be even louder."

The Polish Prime Minister pointed out that what happened is not an exception, but is "the very core of the Russian fascist system. This is the rule. Russia uses aggression as a principle of its policy." Morawiecki also insisted again that the Polish government has warned about Russia's intentions: "I said that lists of outlaws are being created. I said purges are planned. I showed the mechanisms by which the Russians would do it. It's happening today."

"Russia is already a totalitarian-fascist state"

In his press conference, the Polish foreign minister had very harsh words against Russia and encouraged NATO and the EU to react: "Today we see that a map of the 21st century genocide is being created. The bottom line is that Russia is already a totalitarian-fascist state. We must stop them together within NATO, within the EU. The effectiveness of stopping Putin's war machine depends on the sanctions imposed. The crime of genocide must be judged, duly described and documented."

Morawiecki asks the EU for tougher sanctions against Russia

"I call on the leaders of the European Union to act decisively, implement measures that will finally break Putin's war machine, take his sky, lead to the confiscation of the assets of the Russian Federation, deposited in banks of Europe which will ultimately lead to the confiscation of the assets of the Russian oligarchs who support Putin who support the Russian fascist regime and which will break with this aggressive policy of Putin," Morawiecki said. Faced with the crimes committed by the Russians in Ukraine, he warned: "Anyone who allows another tragedy like this to become a fact also poses a shared responsibility."

The hard criticism of the Polish Prime Minister to Macron

Morawiecki also launched a severe reproach at the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, who presumes to speak often with Putin on the phone: "President Macron, how many times have you negotiated with Putin? What has he achieved? Have you stopped any of the actions that have been carried out?" he said in reference to crimes like the Bucha Massacre. Morawiecki reminded Macron that "you don't negotiate with criminals, you have to fight criminals," adding: "Nobody negotiated with Hitler. Would you negotiate with Hitler, with Stalin, with Pol Pot?"

"Enough of this game of delays by some European leaders," Morawiecki said, and insisted on demanding more harshness in European sanctions against Russia, as he demanded a few days ago: "Clear, decisive sanctions are needed, these sanctions do not work. I have been saying it out loud for several days and unfortunately I am right."

Morawiecki's reproaches to Germany and its chancellor

Morawiecki also directed his criticism at Germany, recalling that "it was Germany's policy for the last dozen years that led to the fact that Russia today has the power resulting from the monopoly on the sale of raw materials. We must condemn it, admit that it was a wrong policy, because we are facing terrible crimes." The Polish Prime Minister appealed to his German counterpart, Olaf Scholz, with these words: "It is not the voices of German companies, German billionaires, who are now probably preventing you from taking further action, that should be heard loudly in Berlin today. It is the voice of these innocent women and children, the voice of the murdered, that should be heard by all Germans and by all German politicians."

Morawiecki reproaches Angela Merkel for her silence in the face of this invasion

But without a doubt, one of Morawiecki's harshest criticisms was directed against the former German Chancellor, Angela Merkel: "Madam Chancellor, you have been silent since the beginning of the war. Meanwhile, it was the policy of Germany for the last twelve years or so that led to the fact that Russia today has the strength resulting from the monopoly of the sale of raw materials. She has to speak. Today! Here and now," the Polish Prime Minister exclaimed. "Condemn it, admit it was the wrong policy, because we are dealing with terrible crimes. With the crime of genocide in the 21st century."


Photo: Mateusz Morawiecki's Facebook page.

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