Feijóo and the PP deputies joined the left in their applause for Petro

Vox's gesture of dignity and the PP's unworthy applause for the communist Gustavo Petro

The President of the Republic of Colombia, the communist Gustavo Petro, has visited the Congress of Deputies, in Madrid, today.

The gesture of dignity of the King of Spain before the wink of Gustavo Petro to terrorists
The clamorous absences in the manifesto of 21 countries calling for Freedom for Cuba

More than 150 deputies denounce the visit of the former terrorist of the M-19 to Spain

Before the visit, more than 150 deputies from Spain and several Hispanic American countries have signed a letter expressing their rejection of Petro's visit to Spain, stating that he is a representative of the interests of the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, "organisms that seek to impose a threatening hegemony of the principles of democracy, freedoms and the rule of law".

The signatories of the letter accuse Petro of "undermining the legitimacy of the Armed Forces and Police" in Colombia and of "granting legitimacy to terrorist groups" such as the FARC, the ELN, the Clan del Golfo and the First Line. It must be remembered that Petro was a member of the ultra-left terrorist group M-19, supported by the Cuban communist dictatorship. The current president of Colombia has never condemned or apologized for the terrorist activity of the M-19, and his inauguration ceremony was full of nods to that criminal gang.

The 52 Vox deputies leave the chamber and the PP applauds Petro

In Congress, the 52 Vox deputies, led by Santiago Abascal, left the chamber at the beginning of Petro's speech. The most significant thing is that, when they saw the Vox deputies get up and leave the chamber, the deputies from the left stood up to applaud, and both Alberto Núñez Feijóo and the deputies from the Popular Party (PP) joined the leftist deputies, with the president of the PP standing up first and followed by the rest of the bench. Here is the enlargement of the previous photo:

And here is the video in which we can see the complete sequence of what happened:

Abascal: "Petro is to Colombia what Otegui is to Spain"

Abascal has denounced that "Petro is to Colombia what Otegui is to Spain", in reference to the president of the far-left Bildu party and a former member of the terrorist group ETA, who, like Petro he has never condemned or apologized for his criminal past.

Abascal regretted that "an unrepentant terrorist, a man who, before taking the plane to come here, insulted Spain", has been honored by the government of Pedro Sánchez with the necklace of Isabel the Catholic, a gesture that the president of Vox considers "a sample of the international policy of the Government, always submissive to the enemies of freedoms". Abascal also recalled Petro's terrorist past, "that cannot be hidden; a past of blood, which has left pain and death in Colombia. A past that he has not regretted and that we want today condemn."

A gesture of dignity from Vox and an unworthy applause from the PP

As a Spaniard and as a defender of Freedom, I thank Vox for the gesture of dignity it has shown today before Petro's visit to Congress. The 52 Vox deputies have honored today the trust that millions of Spaniards place in them, not showing themselves submissive to a totalitarian that is proceeding to demolish democracy in Colombia. Likewise, I condemn the unworthy applause of the PP and Ciudadanos for Petro. They talk a lot about democratic dignity and the defense of Freedom, and in the end they join the socialists and communists in undeserved applause for an enemy of democracy and Freedom.


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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