"The M-19 was the only insurgency loved by the people," he declared in El País

The communist Petro defended the terrorism of the M-19 the same day that it was planted by Vox

This Wednesday, the 52 deputies of Vox left the chamber of the Spanish Congress in protest at the presence of Gustavo Petro.

Vox's gesture of dignity and the PP's unworthy applause for the communist Gustavo Petro
Los mensajes de demócratas colombianos agradeciendo a Vox su plante a Gustavo Petro

Abascal described Petro as "an unrepentant terrorist"

In his statement to the media, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, pointed out that Petro is "an unrepentant terrorist". Likewise, in the letter from more than 150 deputies from Spain and Latin America promoted by the Madrid Forum, it was pointed out that accused Petro of "grant legitimacy to terrorist groups" such as the FARC, the ELN, the Gulf Clan and the First Line. Vox's attitude towards the Colombian president contrasted with the applause for Petro from the rest of the deputies, including those of the Popular Party, which joined the left in this gesture at the initiative of its president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

Petro's lies about the terrorism of the M-19 in El País

As it happens, that same day, a few hours after Vox's planting of the Colombian president, the socialist newspaper El País published an interview with Petro in which his terrorist past came to light on the initiative of the interviewee himself, on two occasions.

In the first one, Petro speaks of his country in the following terms: "In 1970 a candidate different from the traditional parties won the presidency, and the elections were stolen from him. From there arose the first urban armed presence of which I was part, the M-19."

Petro is untrue already in the first sentence. In the 1970 Colombian presidential elections, the right-wing candidate, Misael Pastrana, won with 41.2% of the vote. The left did not want to recognize the result and spoke of fraud without providing evidence. From there it turned to violence. The M-19 was created four years later. This terrorist and communist band was supported by two dictatorships: Cuba and Libya. Presenting their criminal action as a democratic reaction is an act of cynicism.

On the other hand, the M-19 was not an "urban armed presence": it was a terrorist group that committed robberies, kidnappings and murders. One of its most serious terrorist acts was the assault on the Palace of Justice of Bogotá on November 6, 1985, which resulted in a hundred deaths. Petro did not participate in that action simply because a few days he was arrested before for illegal possession of weapons.

Petro openly justified the terrorism of the M-19

Petro's second allusion to his terrorist past come, again, from the interviewee himself without being asked by El País at any time about it: "History brings triumphs and failures. In fact, I I almost always lost, I lost in voting for laws and before, when I was a combatant. The M-19 was the only insurgency loved by the people, that's why I'm here." The most It is astonishing that the interviewer did not reproach him for that statement, nor did he ask him anything else on the subject.

To say that a terrorist group that committed robberies, kidnappings and murders was "loved by the people" is a clear statement of glorification of terrorism. A statement that shows that Abascal was right when he said that Petro is "an unrepentant terrorist." What the PP and the other parties that applauded him now have to explain is whether this apology for terrorism seems worthy of applause.

Petro blamed NATO for Russia's invasion of Ukraine

By the way, in the interview Petro took the opportunity to justify another terrorist: Vladimir Putin, refusing to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attacking the US, Europe and NATO -but without even launching the slightest reproach to Russia-, that it is the US president who is "leading the war in Ukraine" (a country invaded by Russia, not the US), and accusing those who oppose to that invasion of "attacking Russia", as if the invading country were the victim. What's more: Petro blames NATO for the Russian invasion to continue, stating: "That war ends easily if we stop seeing Ukraine as NATO territory." Like all communists, Petro acts as a puppet of Putin and refuses to condemn his criminal aggression against Ukraine, repeatedly dodging the interviewer's questions about it.

It is unworthy that there are democrats applauding this totalitarian

I am grateful to Vox for having shown that gesture of dignity in the face of a totalitarian who openly justifies crime when the result of an election is not to his liking, and who aligns himself with a criminal dictator like Putin, blaming the invasion of Ukraine to those who support the invaded, and not the invaders. It is an indignity that there are people who call themselves democrats applauding this individual.


Photo: Chepa Beltrán / Zuma Press.

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