Poland already approved a law in May to carry out this investigation

A Polish politician points out that PP and Vox could investigate Russian influence in Spain after July 23

One of the most fascinating things about following the Polish media is that you can discover things about Spain that hardly anyone publishes here.

Russia's support for separatism in Spain and the support of Spanish separatists for Russia
The Spanish intelligence service, beheaded to satisfy Putin's puppets in Spain

Research on Russian influence in Poland

A few days ago, the conservative Polish daily wPolityce.pl published a story with this title: «Will the Spanish follow in the footsteps of the Poles? "If the right wins the elections, a commission will be established there similar to investigate the influence of Russia"». The news echoes some statements by MEP Ryszard Czarnecki, from the Prawo i Sprawiedliwość party (PiS, Law and Justice, Polish partner of the Spanish party Vox) published on June 3 by the Polish state agency PAP.

On May 29, Polish President Andrzej Duda signed a law to establish a commission whose purpose is "investigating Russian influence in the security of Poland". Duda noted that as a member of the Sejm (Poland's Parliament) and later the European Parliament, he participated many times in debates on the subject of Russian influence and Russian attempts to buy up companies in the most important branches of Polish industry: "We never found out what was the background of the actions that would lead to such decisions."

A possible investigation that the PP and Vox would promote in Spain

Czarnecki talks about the possible victory of the center-right in Spain in the general elections on July 23 and about the plans of the Popular Party (PP) and Vox to create a commission similar to the Polish one: "Both Spanish opposition parties have already made announcements about the establishment of such a commission, because an open secret is Russia's involvement in supporting Catalonia's quest for independence to destabilize the Kingdom of Spain. The creation of the commission is currently being blocked by the ruling socialists due to reports that the Kremlin was behind the attempts to separate Catalonia from Spain, and the Catalan autonomists cooperated with the government of Pedro Sánchez."

The steps that the EU and France are taking to investigate this influence

Likewise, the Polish conservative MEP points out that recently "the European Parliament adopted the report of the INGE2 commission on this matter, in which I am the coordinator on behalf of European conservatives and reformists the report is dedicated to foreign interference in the democratic processes of the European Union. It is mainly about Russia, but not only". Regarding this issue, you can see here the report approved by the European Parliament in March 2022 on foreign interference in all democratic processes in the European Union, a report that particularly singled out Russia and China, but also cited other countries, such as Turkey.

Czarnecki pointed out that a few days ago "there was also a leak about the report of a special commission of the National Assembly in France on Russian influence in this country. This report hits hard at the right-wing politicians. It cannot be denied that former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon was an employee of one of the Russian state-owned companies. As you can see, what is being attacked in Poland is considered necessary in Brussels, Paris and tomorrow probably also in Madrid."

In 2022 Vox already denounced Russian influence among Sánchez's allies

Last year, a month before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Vox deputy Iván Espinosa de los Monteros spoke about Russian influence among Pedro Sánchez's allies: "the Pedro Sánchez's government partners have not hidden their admiration for Russia, and a Russia fond of destabilizing nations in recent years.The confluence of strategies, goals and objectives between Russia and Podemos It has been such that the think tank The Atlantic Council has come to describe the purple party as the Trojan of Russia."

The Vox deputy pointed out that "it is difficult to forget that the still real leader of Podemos and a great admirer of Lenin, Pablo Iglesias, came to propose that Spain leave NATO and denounce the bilateral agreement with the United States, precisely while the National Court was investigating the participation of Russian intelligence in the October 1 coup in Catalonia."

Sánchez's decisions that could be the subject of this investigation

Recall that in May 2022, a few months after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Sánchez beheaded the CNI, the Spanish intelligence service, at the request of his pro-Russian allies. As I already pointed out then, instead of asking the CNI to investigate Russia's interference in Spain, what Sánchez did was behead him at the request of Putin's puppets in Spain. It was a scandalous decision and parallel, by the way, to increase in imports of Russian gas to Spain despite European sanctions against Moscow.


Photo: Mikhail Metzel / Kremlin.

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