The Spanish leftist government continues to finance Putin's invasion

Sánchez increases the purchase of Russian gas while prohibiting its extraction in Spain

It is not necessary to be very bad thought to wonder if Pedro Sánchez serves the interests of Spain or Russia, in view of the things he is doing.

The betrayal of Pedro Sánchez to Ukraine: Spain increased the purchase of Russian gas
USA points out Russia spent $300 million to influence politicians in several countries

Sánchez promised help to Ukraine but is giving it to Russia

On April 21, during his visit to Kiev, the president of the Spanish government, the socialist Pedro Sánchez, affirmed his "full support for Ukraine" and promised Zelensky "all the help that is in our hands." Until now, military aid Spain to Ukraine has been rather modest, without so far not a single heavy vehicle has been sent to that country, despite the fact that it has been talked about for months. However, the Sánchez government is helping Russia, and a lot, with its gas purchases from that country, something that you have been able to read in recent months in the information that has been published by Counting Stars about this issue.

His government increased imports of Russian gas again in September

Yesterday Enagás, the company that performs the function of technical manager of the gas system in Spain, published its Statistical Bulletin for September 2022 (see PDF). According to this document, last month Spain imported 5,355 GWh of gas from Russia, an increase of almost 19% compared to 4,505 GWh in August. According to information from Enagás, gas from Russia was 15.2% of the total imported by Spain, so that Russia was the third largest exporter of gas to Spain in September, only surpassed by Algeria and the United States. So far this year, Spain has imported 38,125 GWh of gas from Russia, 11.3% of the total, being the fourth largest exporter of gas to Spain behind the US, Algeria and Nigeria.

The origin of Spanish purchases of Russian gas in September 2022. Click on the image to see it enlarged (Source: Enagás).

In 2021 that same government prohibited the extraction of natural gas in Spain

Not only is it objectionable that the Spanish government continues to finance Putin's armed aggression against Ukraine through the purchase of Russian gas, but also that these imports are carried out after the Sánchez government prohibited extracting natural gas in Spain. Let us remember that in 2021 a law was approved to prohibit the exploitation of natural gas in Spain, a law that was promoted by the coalition government formed by the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos. These are deposits that could supply natural gas to Spain for 40 years and thus reduce its dependence on foreign energy.

There is a "pro-Russian party" in the government of Spain

It is scandalous to see a government that acts so clearly against the interests of Spain and in favor of Russian interests when it comes to an important issue such as gas supply. But such a scandalous attitude is not accidental. Let us remember that Podemos was described as a "pro-Russian party" by the Russian pro-government newspaper Coincidentally, that same far-left party has opposed sending weapons to Ukraine. However, Podemos has not put even the slightest objection to the purchase of Russian gas.

It is time for the CNI, the Spanish intelligence service, to report on whether it has opened any investigation to detect possible influences of the Russian government among the Spanish political class. Let us remember that the Kremlin has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to buy the favor of Western politicians. It is time for the Spanish to know if some of our rulers are among the politicians bought by the Kremlin, because the facts point precisely in that direction.


Photo: La Moncloa.

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