"We are going to end the laws that attack life," the Vox leader declared

Santiago Abascal announces the laws that Vox party promises to repeal if it governs

This Saturday, Vox has started its pre-campaign for the general elections on July 23 with a great event at IFEMA, in Madrid.

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During this act, Santiago Abascal announced what he is committing to if Vox manages to govern: "I am going to announce various commitments. Today I am making the first one: we are going to change course and we are going to change all the policies that divide and destroy, we are going to put an end to policies that attack the safety of women, repealing the "yes law", demanding responsibilities from those who voted for that law and making norms, laws and codes that truly protect women."

The leader of Vox vamos added: "We are going to put an end to the suicidal laws that destroy our wealth, such as the climate law that prevents our people from being able to explore their natural and energy resources and that takes us down the path of dependency."

In his speech, Abascal also promised to repeal other ideological laws of the left: "We are going to put an end to the laws and policies that attack freedom, and that attack harmony and reconciliation between Spaniards, such as the democratic memory law, and we are not going to accept any law that dictates the memory of the Spaniards or that pits them against each other.We are going to put an end to the laws and policies that attack private property, such as the housing law, and in its place we are going to obtain a law so that all Spaniards can have access to a decent home."

The Vox leader also referred to certain laws of the left that the Popular Party (PP) has ended up assuming: "We are going to put an end to the laws that attack life. And against gender ideology and the culture of death we are going to make the institutions bet on the family, on life and on the protection of the most disadvantaged and on accompanying our elders until their last breath."

Abascal also promised to "end laws that impede life in the countryside, such as the animal welfare law, and instead we will protect our producers, such as Juan García Gallardo is doing in Castilla León. We are going to put an end to the laws and policies that prevent all Spaniards from having access to water, and I say it here before the comrades from Murcia, Aragon and Castilla-La Mancha: water for everyone and whatever is needed is done interconnecting basins, transfers, whatever is necessary so that water is not lacking in any corner of Spain and so that hectometres and hectometres of water that our people do not continue to throw into the sea needs."

Likewise, before the audience that was listening to her speech at IFEMA, Abascal referred to the gender laws and the trans law: "We are going to put an end to the laws that threaten equality among Spaniards, that attack parental authority and the rights of parents and families, that erase women or that seek to hormonal and mutilate our children, and we are going to put an end to educational laws that allow corruption of minors in schools, when neither parents nor teachers are present."

"In short, we are going to change the course in a resolute and decisive manner", Abascal said. "We must change all that that the progressives, the bureaucrats, those of the 2030 Agenda have set in motion, and instead we must return to the path of unity, freedom, prosperity of sovereignty and security. We must once again be masters of our sovereignty, masters of our present and masters of our future."

You can listen to his full speech here (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):

What Vox is proposing would be "repealing sanchismo", because for that it is not enough to throw Sánchez out of power through the ballot box, but it is necessary to repeal the ideological project that his government has established, something that the PP does not seem to have anything clear about.

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  1. Agusbou2015

    Look, I’ve asked ChatGPT to write an interview and this is its answer:

    Interviewer: Good evening, Mr. Santiago Abascal. Thank you for joining us today for this interview.

    Santiago Abascal: Good evening. Thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

    Interviewer: Let’s start by discussing your role as the leader of Vox, a prominent political party in Spain. Vox has gained significant attention in recent years. Could you tell us about the party’s core values and what sets it apart from other political groups in Spain?

    Santiago Abascal: Certainly. Vox is a party that stands for the defense of the Spanish nation, its unity, and its sovereignty. We believe in a strong, centralized government that upholds traditional values, promotes economic liberalism, and protects the interests of the Spanish people. We advocate for the rule of law, the preservation of Spanish culture and traditions, and strict immigration policies that prioritize the well-being and security of our citizens. These principles set us apart from other parties and address the concerns of many Spaniards who feel their voices have not been heard in the political landscape.

    Interviewer: Immigration has been a central issue for Vox. Could you elaborate on your party’s stance on immigration and border control?

    Santiago Abascal: Vox believes in responsible and controlled immigration. We acknowledge the importance of legal immigration and the contributions it can make to our society. However, uncontrolled mass immigration, especially illegal immigration, poses significant challenges and threats to our national security, social cohesion, and economic stability. We advocate for secure borders, strict enforcement of immigration laws, and the prioritization of Spanish citizens in terms of access to resources and opportunities. We believe in a common-sense approach that ensures the integration and assimilation of immigrants into Spanish society while safeguarding our national interests.

    Interviewer: Your party has been criticized by some for its stance on social issues, particularly LGBTQ+ rights. How do you respond to these criticisms?

    Santiago Abascal: Vox is committed to upholding the values and traditions that have shaped our nation for centuries. We believe in the fundamental importance of the family unit, the preservation of traditional marriage, and the protection of children. Our position on these issues is not based on discrimination or animosity towards any group but rather on the belief that certain societal structures and values contribute to the stability and well-being of our society as a whole. We respect the rights of all individuals, including the LGBTQ+ community, but we prioritize the protection of certain institutions that we believe are crucial for the continuity and prosperity of Spain.

    Interviewer: Spain, like many other countries, is grappling with the challenges posed by climate change. What is Vox’s stance on environmental issues and the transition to renewable energy?

    Santiago Abascal: Vox recognizes the importance of protecting our environment and addressing climate change. However, we believe that environmental policies should be balanced with economic considerations and the needs of our citizens. We advocate for a responsible and realistic approach to the transition to renewable energy, ensuring that it does not disproportionately burden certain sectors or lead to job losses. Our focus is on promoting technological innovation, supporting clean energy research and development, and fostering a competitive economic environment that allows Spain to reduce its carbon footprint without sacrificing economic growth and the welfare of our citizens.

    Interviewer: Finally, as the leader of Vox, what is your vision for Spain’s future?

    Santiago Abascal: My vision for Spain is a nation that is proud of its history, united in its diversity, and thriving in its pursuit of prosperity. I envision a strong and sovereign Spain that respects the rule of law, defends its borders, and safeguards the interests of its citizens. I want to see a country where the traditional values and institutions that have shaped us are preserved, while embracing progress and innovation. I believe in a Spain that prioritizes the well-being and aspirations of its people, that fosters economic growth and opportunities for all, and that stands tall in the world as a beacon of democracy, freedom, and national pride.

    Interviewer: Thank you, Mr. Abascal, for sharing your perspectives and vision for Spain’s future.

    Santiago Abascal: Thank you for the opportunity to discuss these important issues.

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