Santiago Abascal's response to the campaign of lies against his party

Facts against defamations: the measures that Vox defends to protect women in Spain

The political and media rivals of the Vox party in Spain are carrying out a very dirty campaign to present this party as an enemy of women.

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This absolutely ridiculous accusation is based on Vox's rejection of the term "gender violence", an ideological concept that prejudges all forms of violence against women to a supposed oppression of men against women. It is a concept that originated on the left and that the Popular Party has ended up assuming, just as it has done with abortion, environmental alarmism, gender ideology and other ideological dogmas of the left-wing.

The idea that the left is the genuine defender of women is as false as the idea that the left is the genuine defender of workers, being largely responsible for the high unemployment figures that we suffer in Spain. Let us remember that in 1995 the socialists of the PSOE lowered the sentences for rapists, and in 2022 he did the same thing again together with the communists of Podemos, benefiting hundreds of rapists and pedophiles. Let us also remember that the PSOE and Podemos have governed with the support of those who refuse to condemn the murders of 58 women and girls at the hands of ETA.

Faced with this defamation campaign of the left and also of the Popular Party, as well as their respective related media, Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, has published a document today recalling "some measures that we have been proposing for a long time to protect women", and noting: "Every day they spend under Sánchez they are more threatened. This would be a good start to agree on governments of change." For your interest, I reproduce the text below:

Combat violence against women and its causes

1. We will guarantee all possible assistance and support to women victims of violence, also working on prevention, identifying the causes and repeated profiles of the aggressors.

2. In the same way, we will support and assist victims of domestic violence, especially that suffered by women, children and the elderly.

3. We will urge the national government to identify the rapists who have been released thanks to the "yes is yes law," putting the necessary measures to protect women in the event that one of them intends to move to our community.

4. We will demand accountability from the parties and people who have collaborated in the release of these aggressors of women.

5. We will ask for the immediate repeal of that law, replacing it with one that increases the penalties for all violators, including permanent prison. We will also ask for a lowering of the criminal age, and in any case a revision of the minor's law, so that the consequences for minors who commit this type of crime are aggravated.

6. We will pay special attention to the protection system for minors in custody, because in communities governed by the left they have been prostituted due to the inaction -or sometimes even the complicity- of the administration. In the cases already revealed, we will act with all the forcefulness that the law allows us to bring each and every one of those involved to court.

7. No assaulted woman will be less accompanied or assisted based on the sex of the aggressor or the gender with which she perceives herself.

8. Similarly, the sons and daughters of a murdered woman will not be discriminated against in the aid they receive because of the sex of the murderer, or the gender with which they perceive themselves.

9. Especial attention will be paid to eradicate from our society messages and speeches, civil or religious, that promote or simply justify violence against women.

10. We will launch an in-depth study on the increase in sexual assaults, especially the aberrational cases of gang rapes, to determine their causes and to elaborate the repeated profiles of the aggressors in order to combat them more effectively.

11. No man, regardless of the gender with which he perceives himself, may enter private spaces reserved for women (changing rooms, bathrooms, etc.).

12. In accessing the public service, with special attention to positions where physical condition prevails, as well as in sports, it will be ensured that no woman is discriminated against (not much less endangered, in the case of contact sports) before men who perceive themselves as women and intend to occupy spaces reserved for them.


Photo: Vox Congreso.

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