He denounces "illegal immigration from countries that despise women"

Abascal, on the violence in France: “Europe is threatened by mobs of anti-Europeans”

The president of the Spanish Vox party, Santiago Abascal, participated yesterday in a rally in Barcelona, where he referred to the wave of violence suffered by France.

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The leader of Vox has denounced that "at this time there is a Europe threatened by anti-European mobs that destroy police stations, burn libraries, stab to steal a cell phone... They said that they came to pay our pensions, but we see that they bring unknown crimes, such as gang rapes, which have multiplied during the government of Pedro Sánchez; that they integrated, but are dedicated to blowing up coexistence, and we also see that they are justified by the elites, the elites and the media that bring them, and the extreme left."

Abascal pointed out that Europe is "threatened by anti-European mobs who are not willing to adapt to our way of life and our laws, and who think that we are the ones who have to adapt. And All those who defend them, and who are guilty of the massive importation of illegal immigration from countries that despise women and homosexuals, tell us that the violence they promote or perpetrate is the result of inequality."

Faced with this usual explanation of violence like the one France is suffering, Abascal pointed out that "never has the poverty suffered by many Europeans led Europeans to stab babies in the south of France to slit teachers' throats on the outskirts of Paris, to break into armed concerts like in the Bataclan, to run over pedestrians with vans, as has happened here in Barcelona, to enter a parish church with machetes as happened in Algeciras, or to completely cover the faces of their women, or to loot entire cities as is happening today, with the complicity of those who call themselves antifa and who are nothing more than the usual socialist delinquency."

The leader of Vox has distanced himself from that explanation and also from the racist messages: "It's not inequality: it's culture. It's not skin color: it's what some people have in their heads. And no, the humble Catalans, Spaniards and Europeans are here for something else: to combat the increase in the cost of living, to bring bread home to provide a better education their children, to raise their families and protect their own from those barbarians that others have brought into their neighborhoods."

You can listen to his full speech here (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic subtitles in English in the bottom bar of the player):


Photos: Vox.

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