A political process that began decades ago and that we can still stop

The leftist crusher to degrade our society, explained in five steps

It is often said that the trees do not let us see the forest, so we do not realize our situation due to lack of perspective.

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This lack of perspective has led many people to be subjected, without realizing it, to a political agenda that has become a crusher of freedoms and also of human lives, a crusher managed by the left, whose purpose is to keep them in power at whatever cost, and which is increasingly degrading our society. How did all this start?

1. Anti-natalism, demographic suicide and Christianophobia

In the 1970s, hand in hand with neo-malthusianism and radical ecologism, the left began to propagate the myth of overpopulation, making use of catastrophic ecological predictions that did not come true, but that served for years to promote anti-natalism and the abortion in Western societies, even criminalizing families with children and presenting them as guilty of climate change.

This process was parallel to the promotion of christianophobia, so that once Christian societies would accept the dogmas of an anti-Christian left and that considers the family a bourgeois institution that must be abolished. This has led a good part of the West to a demographic suicide that will have disastrous social and economic consequences, due to the fact that an aging society with an inverted population pyramid is unable to sustain the current pension systems.

2. Mass immigration and Islamization

"Without the immigrant populations, the Socialist Party would have been reduced to eight percent of the electorate in Brussels. We have become prisoners." These are not the words of a paranoid far-rightist: Merry Hermanus, a member of the Belgian Socialist Party, recognized this. The left used mass immigration to obtain a new fishing ground of votes as it was losing the support of the workers by assuming ideological theses (radical feminism, gender ideology and mass immigration itself) that many of them reject.

Likewise, the left favored Islamic immigration for ideological reasons: it shares Islamism's rejection of Christianity and the West, and it was also a way of promoting the de-Christianization of society, eroding the religious freedom of Christians with the excuse of not offending to newly arrived Muslims.

3. Subsidize vagrancy at the expense of workers

Another way that the left had to attract voters was to promote all kinds of subsidies with the excuse of protecting people with fewer resources. The end seemed good, but these policies have been increasing fiscal pressure to extremes unthinkable decades ago, and have created an increasingly unbearable burden on the active population, on those workers who previously voted to the left. To this we must add that this subsidy system has turned out to be a magnet for those who come to Europe thinking that they can get paid here for doing nothing. Given the unsustainability of this system, the left has affirmed the need for more immigration in order to pay pensions, in order to fix the demographic suicide promoted by that same left through its policies promoting abortion.

4. The role of leftist feminism

The problem with mass immigration from Islamic countries is that it brings its customs with it, and in many of those countries, women are treated as second-class human beings. As a consequence, in Europe we are seeing a rise in sexual assaults on women by immigrants and also a staggering tolerance of child marriages among immigrants.

This should cause alarm in the feminist movement, but it has not. That movement has been taken over by the left for decades. Leftist feminism has turned its back on women victims of abuse in Islamic countries (the left sees the Islamic world as a potential ally against their common enemy: the West), and also on those who are sexually assaulted by Islamic immigrants in Europe. Instead, the left has had the "great" idea of criminalizing all men, as a pretext to promote measures that legally discriminate against men and contribute to promoting a broad political business made up of feminist organizations subsidized by the State and related to the left.

5. Criminalizing those who complain about the disaster caused by the left

Obviously, everything we have just seen generates resistance in a part of society: from those who suffer in their neighborhoods the increase in crime as a result of massive immigration, to women who can no longer walk alone through certain streets to certain hours, the men who suffer the abuses of gender laws that violate the presumption of innocence, the workers who after a lifetime of contributing see their retirement pension increasingly lowered, the Christians who suffer violence and hatred by the left, and a long etcetera.

Until recently, the existence of a lukewarm right-wing willing to assume many of the left's theses had served to ensure that the entire process that we have just reviewed was carried out with hardly any resistance in the political sphere. But for a few years, another unapologetic right has been on the rise and that dares to denounce all that is happening, a right that has no qualms about discussing the leftist dogmas and warning against its political and ideological agenda. It is a right that is capturing many left-wing voters, since this massive immigration has degraded entire neighborhoods of large European cities, and they are precisely the neighborhoods of the population with fewer resources and that previously voted for socialists and communists.

If it had a modicum of intellectual honesty, the left would have to recognize the vicious circle in which it has put us, but that would mean its disappearance, since it would expose the lies that it has been promoting for years to advance its political agenda. So instead, the left is launching itself into criminalizing those who complain about the disaster caused by socialists and communists, calling them "racists", "xenophobes", "retrogrades" and "fascists", especially those who have had enough and they have decided to support parties of that unapologetic right.

With this, the left has begun a flight forward that has only two ways out: degrading our institutions more and more and harming fundamental rights in order to continue deepening the serious social crisis that its policies have generated (even resorting to censorship to silence any complaint , labeling it "hate speech"), or breaking that vicious circle, dismantling the ideological myths of the left and beginning to repair the damage caused over the years. European society only has one way out if it wants to survive: the second option. With the first option it will no longer be Europe, but Europistan.


Photo: AP. Young Muslims in a violent demonstration in Paris in 2014.

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