Far-left takes advantage of the breeding ground created by socialists and centrists

The progressive social model burns France but they stigmatize the conservative Poland

In the last hours, France is suffering a serious wave of violence, looting and fires, a wave fueled by the extreme left.

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A young Algerian who put the lives of four people at risk

The pretext for this violence is the death of a young man of Algerian origin at the hands of the Police when he was fleeing from them by car, specifically a Mercedes class A, a chase in which This young man jumped a zebra crossing, endangering the lives of a passerby and a cyclist, for which the Police ended up shooting him when, trying to stop him, they put the lives of two officers at risk.

The far-left seizes the opportunity to set France on fire

In the previous paragraph I have referred to that death as a pretext and not as a cause of these disturbances. And it is that the far-left party La France Insoumise has joined the protest over this death, which has seen in these events an excuse to try to destabilize French democracy, following in the footsteps of the communists who staged the famous May 1968 riots in Paris. And it is that the extreme left needs instability to grow, because under normal conditions it is not capable of doing so. It is enough to remember that in the last European elections, in 2019, that party only got 5 of the 79 seats assigned to France in the European Parliament. In the French Senate it does not have a single senator.

The few reactions to crimes committed by immigrants

The reaction to the death of that young Algerian contrasts with the few reactions to other deaths. In October, a 12-year-old girl was tortured, raped and murdered by an Algerian woman in France, a crime that reopened the debate on the risks of mass immigration. A few weeks ago, a Syrian refugee stabbed several children and adults in that country. As in the case of the girl who was raped and murdered, not a single trash can was broken in the few demonstrations of rejection of the crime.

The unequal reaction to these crimes and to the death of the young Algerian is surprising. It is as if the extreme left were transmitting to us the idea that the lives of that raped and murdered girl or those stabbed children are less valuable than that of that young Algerian. What is not surprising is that some were only looking for a pretext to unleash their thirst for violence. A thirst that in the case of the extreme left seems insatiable.

The social model promoted by socialists and centrists in France

It must be said, of course, that although the extreme left has lit the fuse for this wave of violence, the ingredients for France to be on fire were put by others, specifically the socialist left -including the current president, Macron- and centrism, currently represented by Les Républicains and before by the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire, both partners of the European People's Party.

Socialists and centrists have agreed to turn France into the panacea of the progressive social model: anti-natalist policies that lead to demographic suicide; mass immigration to make up for the lack of children, ghettoizing entire neighborhoods and creating security problems; disintegration of the family, sexual indoctrination in schools and education in counter-values; stigmatization of Christianity and of traditional values such as patriotism, loyalty and respect for authority; multiculturalism (the idea that all cultures are comparable, and therefore no effort should be made to integrate those who come from outside); etc.

A model that French progressives want to impose on Poland

The French political class has not been satisfied with promoting this new social model in its country, but has dedicated itself to exporting it and imposing it on the rest of Europe, using its leadership position in the European institutions -together with Germany- for to persecute a country like Poland, with a conservative government, trampling on its national sovereignty for resisting these impositions. A way of treating an independent nation that is dangerously reminiscent of the way the Soviet Union had of treating its satellite countries.

Europeans must reflect on which model they want to support

What is happening now is not something isolated. For years France has been dragging serious problems for insisting on this progressive social model. French citizens suffer the consequences of this model on the streets, with growing insecurity derived from massive immigration and making no effort to integrate into European customs. This is what has caused the rise in France of a conservative right wing that denies this model. It is the same phenomenon that is taking place in other European countries and for the same reason.

We Europeans must reflect on what social model we want to support. The progressive social model is the one that is setting France on fire, without its promoters making even the slightest self-criticism about their responsibility for these events. Meanwhile, calm reigns in conservative Poland, at the same time that the left and the centrists try to convince the rest of us Europeans that the correct model is the French one and not the Polish one. What's more: progressive politicians and media try to convince us that the dangerous model is not France's, but Poland's, simply because it contradicts their ideological dogmas, dogmas that seem immune to contrast with the reality and indifferent to the disaster they are causing.


Photo: Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters.

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