The PP candidate offered a pact to the socialist leader to avoid agreeing with Vox

The Feijóo's infamous offer to Sánchez in a rigged debate to hide an alternative

Last night, the Atresmedia channels broadcast an electoral debate between only two candidates for the general elections on July 23 in Spain.

An analysis of the PP and Vox programs on life, family and freedom of education
Feijóo's program only includes repealing one of the ideological laws of the left

A debate in which only 48.81% of voters were represented

The only two candidates invited to the debate, Pedro Sánchez Castejón (PSOE) and Alberto Núñez Feijóo (PP), represent 48.81% of the votes cast in the last general elections, less than half. When a debate is held under these conditions, clearly vetting the representatives of the other half of Spaniards, the one who takes sides is the media that organizes it, making us believe that we have no other options than those two. Let us remember that in the 2019 elections, the PP obtained 20.81% of the votes and Vox 15.08%.

The pact that Feijóo offered Sánchez

Under these conditions, last night was a rigged debate, a farce so that the PSOE and the PP continue to take turns in power. The development of the debate only confirmed this farce. Because beyond seeing Sánchez nervous, rude and deranged and Feijóo more relaxed and calm, what was relevant was the pact that the PP candidate proposed to his supposed rival: he offered the PP abstention if he wins the elections by a simple majority, and in return asked him to abstain in the event that the PP wins the elections without an absolute majority.

Abascal: "Feijóo offers a pact to Sánchez to avoid a pact with VOX"

Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, has pointed out about this offer from Feijóo to Sánchez: "I think we Spaniards have already seen enough in this debate. It is worrying. La Moncloa has been occupied for 5 years by a narcissistic character, aggressive and disturbed... And to that dangerous character, Mr. Feijóo has just offered him an abstention so that he can continue governing. Mr. Feijóo offers a pact to Sánchez to avoid a pact with VOX."

Feijóo promised to "repeal sanchismo" and now offers to agree with him

For weeks now, the PP has been assuring that its intention is to "repeal sanchismo", an electoral slogan that contrasts with the few repeals of ideological laws that his program contemplates, which if implemented would imply keeping a large part of Sánchez's ideological project intact. Not satisfied with that, yesterday Feijóo replaced that "repealing sanchismo" with an "agreement with sanchismo", with the same sanchismo that has agreed with communists, with the heirs of the terrorist group ETA and with other parties that hate Spain as their highest political slogan. Last night, Feijóo offered Sánchez the pact that he has not offered to Vox, the party whose votes he will need -according to the polls- to govern if he wins these elections.

The funniest thing about all this -because we must admit that it has a funny side- is that the PP propagandists have been saying that it is a lie that the PP wants to agree with Sánchez, they have even tried to convince us that it is Vox the one that benefits the socialists (despite being the only party willing to repeal all the ideological laws of the left). And last night Feijóo arrived and offered Sánchez a pact to continue governing. What else will have to happen for some to realize that the PP is no longer an alternative to the left, and who only aspires to take turns in power with the socialists?

The great absentee in yesterday's debate

Notably absent from yesterday's debate was the only party willing to undertake that change that the PP does not want to make: Vox. It is very revealing that the PSOE and the PP have agreed to exclude that party from the debate. One wonders under what conditions the Spanish will go to vote, when the two major parties and an influential media group agree to hide the third party with the most votes, which is the only one that could have provided a different discourse in many of the the issues discussed last night. Are they afraid that the Spanish know this alternative directly? Perhaps they prefer that everything that many people know about Vox continue to be manipulated news, crude caricatures and slander?

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