The PP has already forgotten the other repeal promises it made in December

Feijóo's program only includes repealing one of the ideological laws of the left

The president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, presented this Tuesday his program for the general elections on July 23 in Spain.

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The PP promises to repeal the law of democratic memory

The program (can be seen here) consists of 365 points. Significantly, the verb repeal only appears three times. The first repeal promise refers to the housing law of 2023 (agenda item 90); the second is directed against the law of democratic memory of 2022 (point 222, a controversial law to rewrite history to suit the left); and the third refers to the law approved by the government in 2022 to assault the Judiciary (point 237).

It should be noted that only one of them falls within the laws with the most ideological charge on the left: that of democratic memory. On this matter, the PP undertakes to approve "a new consensual norm that reinforces the democratic principles and national reconciliation that founded the constitutional pact during the Transition, as well as the democratic coexistence of a society, the Spanish one, that aspires to justice and recognition of the truth." However, the precedents do not encourage us to trust that the PP will keep its word.

The PP left intact two equally sectarian leftist laws

Let us remember that when the PP had an absolute majority (2011-2015), it did not repeal the historical memory law approved by the socialists in 2007, as sectarian as the aforementioned democratic memory law. Let us also remember that in 2017 the left approved a "historical and democratic memory law" in Andalusia, a rule before which the PP and CiudaDanos abstained. In 2018, when both parties took over the Andalusian government, they signed an agreement that did not include repealing that law, as sectarian as the one that the PP now promises to repeal.

In 2019, Vox presented an initiative to repeal that Andalusian law and the PP and Cs did not support it, allowing with their votes that this law continue in force. In 2021, Vox once again called for the repeal of that law, and again the PP and Ciudadanos abstained. To this day, thanks to the PP, that law is still in force. How can you believe that the PP will repeal a national law that is just as bad, if it has refused to repeal that Andalusian law?

The repeal promises that the PP has already forgotten

For the rest, this is what the program says regarding other ideological laws that the PP announced that it would repeal in December 2022:

  • It does not contemplate repealing the abortion law and limits itself to pointing out that they will change what is related to the parental permission of minors to abort (point 129).
  • It only speaks of review of the euthanasia law but not of repealing it (point 138).
  • Nor does it contemplate repealing the law on education for socialists and communists (LOMLOE), also known as the Celaá law, limiting itself to stating that it will only reform it (point 145).
  • He does not talk about repealing the so-called Trans law, and limits himself to stating that he will approve "a new law that guarantees the rights of transsexual people", but "seeking consensus" (that is, with the permission of the left).
  • Nor does it talk about repealing the "animal welfare" law, promoted by Podemos and which has been very controversial because contemplates more prison for hitting a dog than a woman.
  • He's not even talking about repealing the sexual freedom law, also known as the "only yes is yes law," which lowered the sentences of hundreds of rapists and pedophiles. Simply, it promises a reform of the Criminal Code "after the defective partial reforms" of said law, some reforms that the PP supported in April.

Feijóo will seek permission from the socialists to govern

As if all of the above were not enough, and given the electoral polls that indicate that the PP will win the elections but without an absolute majority, Feijóo announced yesterday that he will seek the permission of socialist leaders, in order to avoid having to seek the support of Vox, a party that it has promised to repeal all the ideological laws of the left.

The only chance we have of real change

Given these facts, it can be deduced that Feijóo does not want change, only to be a mere replacement for the socialists, to keep the bulk of his ideological project intact, as the Popular Party already did during the government of Mariano Rajoy. The only possibility of real change is through a massive vote for Vox, which allows this party to undertake the change that the PP refuses to assume, or which gives Vox enough strength to force the PP to carry out that change.

What is clear is that with a new majority of the PP we will have the same as with its last absolute majority in 2011: a mere change in power, maintaining the policies of the left.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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