The PP once again demonstrated its great ideological proximity to the left

Feijóo's argument in favor of abortion with which theft could also be legalized

Yesterday, the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, gave an interview to the Antena 3 program "El Hormiguero".

2.6 million aborted children in Spain: the politicians responsible for this monstrosity
The words of Santiago Abascal about 'the weakest' and Feijóo's coldness

Antena 3's veto of the third most voted party in Spain

Before getting into the matter, a paragraph. That program invited Pedro Sánchez on Tuesday, but withdrew the invitation it had extended to Santiago Abascal, president of Vox, the third most voted party in Spain. With this maneuver, Antena 3's message is clear: it wants us to choose between the PSOE and the PP, as if there were no other options and as if we had a two-party system in Spain. What's more: in his interview with Sánchez, the presenter, Pablo Motos, suggested a pact between the PP and PSOE (see 5th video) to prevent the PP from having to agree with Vox.

Thus, we have the case of an influential channel owned by Atresmedia, a communication group that has two apparently opposite channels: La Sexta (affiliated with the PSOE) and Antena 3 (affiliated with the PP), and In the end, what this communication group proposes is that the parties it supports understand each other and exclude Vox. In this way, Atresmedia takes sides and does so in favor of two political options that are already practically ideological clones, as Feijóo once again demonstrated yesterday with an issue that affects human dignity.

Feijóo distanced himself from Vox by positioning in favor of abortion

This Wednesday, during his interview, Feijóo distanced himself from Vox's rejection of abortion (see 5th video) and did so with the following argument: "An anti-abortion person has similar rights to an abortionist, if you don't want to have an abortion, why would you do it? It's not mandatory in any country in the world to have an abortion, right?"

This is a very common manipulation of abortion supporters, which consists of disguising this atrocity as if it were a harmless choice that affects no one but the mother. But it's a lie. Induced abortion is the act of killing a human being in their prenatal age, so presenting it as something harmless is a bloody lie. It is as disgusting a lie as defending slavery by stating that no one is forced to own slaves.

An argument with which theft could also be legalized

The entire discourse of those in favor of abortion is based on simply ignoring the victims of this crime, the unborn children. Feijóo never mentions them in his speeches because if he did, all of his speech calling abortion a "right" would be exposed for what it is: the defense of a savagery. With Feijóo's argument, robbery could also be legalized, saying that legalizing robbery does not force anyone to commit one. It would be enough to simply ignore the victim, just like Feijóo does with abortion. The Spanish political class has reached this degree of ethical and moral filth, with the sole exception of Vox.

Feijóo's argument clashes with his position on the abortion of minors

The only difference that Feijóo raised with the pro-abortion speech of the PSOE (see 7th video) consists of parental permission for minors to abort: "when a minor wants to terminate her pregnancy and her parents won't let her, a conflict arises, and that conflict has to be decided by a Family Court in 48 hours". But if abortion is something as harmless as Feijóo proposes, omitting any reference to the victim each time he refers to that act as a "right", how can we maintain that minors have to ask for permission? In this song, Feijóo plays swimming and saving clothes at the same time, in a desperate attempt not to lose his voters who are against that monstrosity, or at least those who are fed up with going to vote with their noses stuffed.

They don't want us to see that there is an alternative to that leftist consensus

As I said a few days ago, this issue opens a huge moral abyss between the PP and Vox. Last weekend, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, referred to abortion appealing to its victims: "we are obliged to do everything possible to protect the weakest". As we were able to verify last night, for Feijóo, as for Sánchez, these victims do not deserve a mention. And for Antena 3 neither, and perhaps for this reason they withdrew the invitation to the president of Vox: they do not want it to become clear that the PP and the PSOE are practically the same and that Vox proposes a clear alternative to that leftist consensus in which both the Socialist Party and the Popular Party have settled.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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