They show shots with grenade launchers of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade

The importance of a good COMCAM and the excellent photos of a Ukrainian brigade

Today, the image has enormous importance in the world of communication, and many armies have realized this.

A spectacular video of the Ukrainian Army with Leopard 2A4 tanks donated by Spain
An excellent series of photographs of Leopard 2A4 tanks already on Ukrainian soil

Today, the United States is one of the countries whose military devotes the most attention to one type of soldier, the combat camera (COMCAM), which is of great importance in the diffusion of the work of the armies and even in psychological warfare (in fact, there are countries like Poland that frame their COMCAM in psychological operations units (PSYOPS). The US Army has a specific company dedicated to this work: the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), which I already told you about here.I also told you about the good COMCAM they have in Finland and Latvia.

Today we are going to see a new example of excellent COMCAM: that of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade "Volodymyr Monomakh" of the Ukrainian Army, whose magnificent photos have been published on that unit's Facebook page. This Sunday, the Ukrainian brigade published an excellent series of photos of long exposure showing shots from RPG-7 grenade launchers at dusk.

These are formidable photos accompanied by an inspiring text that defines these soldiers as "those whom the night protects, and the darkness hides from enemy eyes. Each shot is a drop of determination invested in the eternal fight for the right to choose and independence. Let these night lights illuminate the path to victory for our heroes, and let every fighter find strength in the darkest hours. Victory will be ours!"

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