Separatists increasingly imitate the intolerance of true fascists

Linguistic diversity according to separatism: a Catalan is insulted for not speaking Catalan

Not a day goes by without the separatists displaying their most fanatical and intolerant facet in Spain. This time it's up to the Catalan separatists.

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Last Saturday, Javier Rubio Donzé, founder of Academia Play, published a message on his Twitter account: "My father is Catalan. He was born in Barcelona, Catalan mother with Catalan surnames. My father has never spoken Catalan and he has never learned it. He hasn't been interested in learning it either because he didn't need it. Is he bad Catalan?"

As you can see in that thread, the separatists' responses were immediate: messages insulting that Catalan (even calling him a nazi), saying that he is a bad Catalan and even denying that he is Catalan, for the mere fact of not speaking Catalan or having the surname "Rubio". In case it didn't come with the attacks of the Catalan separatists, Galician separatist writer Suso de Toro has accused that Catalan of "Francoist". In addition to the responses to that tweet, the insults have also come from the cited tweets, including messages calling "colonists" to Javier and his father. The founder of Academia Play has been receiving such messages for three days now. Of course, all my support for him.

What has happened to Javier Rubio is an exhibition of intolerance and fanaticism that is very common in Spanish regions with separatist movements. These movements are doing exactly the same thing that they criticized the Franco regime. Curiously, they call those who do not think like them "fascists", while the separatists act with the same intolerance and fanaticism as the true fascists, with whom they share nationalist extremism and the desire for the State completely controls people's lives, including the language in which they must speak.

The paradox is that last week, and at the request of the separatist parties, the socialists announced that they will admit the use of regional languages in Congress invoking "plurality and diversity" of languages in Spain. A plurality and diversity that the separatists do not accept in their respective regions: they are determined to ban Spanish at all costs, even based on insults and displays of intolerance like the one Javier Rubio is suffering, an example of what many Catalans who do not think like the separatists have to live on a daily basis.


Photo: Libertad Digital. A march of Catalan separatists with torches, in true Nazi style, on September 11, 2014.

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