His nod to separatism leads him to clash with the president of the PP of Catalonia

Feijóo, about the Puigdemont's party: “I am not a political and ideological rival of Junts”

Yesterday I commented here that one of the causes of the rise of Vox was the lukewarmness of the Popular Party in the face of separatism, especially the Catalan one.

Feijóo returns to his old ways against Vox and still does not understand the raison d'être of this party
What does the PP have to talk about with those who perpetrated the 2017 separatist coup?

Feijóo's nod to the Puigdemont's party

It seems that the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has not learned anything from that, judging by a statement he made in the interview in El Mundo about which I already referred yesterday (you can see here no paywall). The interviewer asks: "And what is the PP going to offer Junts?" And Feijóo answers something surprising (I indicate it in bold):

"The Constitution. And we are going to offer them, while respecting the Constitution, to listen to their demands, their proposals. And we are going to offer them that we will comply with what we agree on. And there is another important thing. I am not a political and ideological rival of Junts. Junts is a sovereignist party and the PP of Catalonia is not. The objective of the Socialist Party is that Junts does not have power in Catalonia, because its pact is with ERC. It is evident that I have some limitations for them: the Constitution. That is not going to change."

The president of the PP of Catalonia answers Feijóo

The best response to this surprising statement has come from Feijóo's own party. Yesterday, Alejandro Fernández, president of the PP of Catalonia, published a message on Twitter that was a clear reference to the words of the national president of his party and his efforts to meet with the party of the fugitive Puigdemont:

"JUNTS is my RIVAL, a party whose essential thesis is that Spain is a dictatorship led by a fascist King, with whom they refuse to "talk". Someone tell me what about you have to "talk" to them..."

The unconstitutional and anti-Spanish demands of Junts

Let us also remember that Junts demands self-determination for Catalonia and amnesty for those convicted of the 2017 separatist coup as conditions to support Pedro's re-election Sanchez. These are two radically unconstitutional demands that are contrary to the unity of Spain and the rule of law. Some demands that deserve the frontal rejection of any democrat and any Spaniard who has a minimum of patriotism.

After the nod to Junts, he says that "with Vox we have deep discrepancies"

It is astonishing that Feijóo says that he defends the Constitution and that, at the same time, a separatist party openly contrary to the Constitution is not his rival. But even more astonishing is that while Feijóo winks at Junts, he says that "with Vox we have deep disagreements", referring to a party that defends the unity of Spain, the constitutional order and the Rule of Law, and that he has also announced that he will support his investiture. Feijóo is making the same mistake as Rajoy in believing that separatism can be appeased, and he is also making that mistake while insisting on distances himself from a party like Vox that defends Spain and Liberty. And all this while he says: "I am in politics to serve my country."

Whitewashing a separatist party that seeks to overthrow our constitutional framework is not serving your country, on the contrary: it is insisting on continuing to harm Spain by politically feeding those who hate it. And if you don't understand it, perhaps it would be best to step aside and hand over the PP presidency to another person who does understand it.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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