He insists on presenting the existence of Vox as a problem despite its support

Feijóo returns to his old ways against Vox and still does not understand the raison d'être of this party

Five days. That is how long it has lasted his apparent change of speech that he made on Tuesday, August 22, at a press conference.

What does the PP have to talk about with those who perpetrated the 2017 separatist coup?
Feijóo still doesn't understand why Vox appeared and why many of us will not vote for the PP

Feijóo repeats the clumsy speech that led him to the fiasco of July 23

This Sunday, El Mundo publishes an interview with the president of the Popular Party (can be read without the paywall here). In his responses, Alberto Núñez Feijóo largely repeats the clumsy speech that led him to the fiasco of the July 23 elections , without acknowledging his responsibility for that result and placing the blame on voice:

"The Spanish center-right is divided into two parties, one that gets eight million votes and the other that gets three million. Those 11 million votes from the center-right is the record for the Spanish center-right. What has happened? 11 million votes would have been more than 190 seats, had it not been divided."

In other words, it believes that the existence of Vox is to blame for its failure, the same mantra that the PP has been repeating obsessively for a long time, and that it forgets the fact that Vox mobilizes to many voters that the PP is not capable of mobilizing, because they are (we are) very chastened by our experience voting for the PP.

It places Vox on the far-right again without expressly saying so

After the statement we just read, the interviewer asks: "You just included Vox in the center right. In the past you called them the "extreme right". What has changed?" At this point, Feijóo had the opportunity to display the tune that premiered last Tuesday, but instead, the PP president preferred to go back to his old ways eagerness to label Vox as the left does:

"I have no objection to telling you that Vox is a party that is to the right of the right."

It is a twisted way of saying that Vox is far-right. But this statement by Feijóo has a major drawback that seems to have been overlooked: it implies assuming that the PP is right-wing, a label that this party has been rejecting it for years, in its eternal journey towards a political center whose coordinates are in constant movement due to the radicalization of the PSOE. The reality is that the PP has not been a right-wing party for years. If it were, it would not have assumed left-wing dogmas such as abortion, gender ideology, ecological catastrophism or progressive feminism .

He says that "the great solution" for Spain would be a PP-PSOE government

In fact, in this same interview he says that a government supported by the PP and the PSOE "would be the great solution for our country". Let's see if Mr. Feijóo finds out at once: Vox is not to the right of the right. Vox is the right. And the PP is positioned more and more to the left of the right. That is why he dreams of that great pact with the PSOE.

He still does not know the reason why Vox appeared

In addition to not knowing how to place Vox on the political map, Feijóo still doesn't understand why Vox exists, as already demonstrated on July 21 , in another interview in El Mundo two days before the last general elections:

"As long as the PSOE continues to govern with the independentist movement, it is a good breeding ground for parties like Vox to exist."

For starters, and as I explained here, Vox did not emerge during a PSOE government, but during a PP government, the by Mariano Rajoy. The main reason this party was founded was the PP's betrayal of its voters, to whom it promised a change to later leave intact the ideological laws of the left.

Likewise, Vox's rise was caused by the lukewarmness of the PP in the face of separatism, and especially in the face of Catalan separatism. It is worth remembering now that Feijóo is determined to meet with the perpetrators of the separatist coup of 2017, thus helping to normalize parties that have broken the law to subvert the constitutional order, presenting them as if they were democratic parties.

Blames the result of July 23 to Vox without making any self-criticism

Finally, when asked why the result of the last general elections did not meet the expectations of the PP, Feijóo offers five reasons: three of them include mentions of Vox, which implies blaming one way or another another to this party for that electoral result. The closest thing to a self-criticism that Feijóo does is the following: "an excess of confidence of the majority of the demoscopic houses".

But here you are wrong. What some demoscopic house did was inflate the expectations of the PP to guide the vote towards that party, in a rather shameless way. The one who showed a fatal excess of confidence in these polls was the PP , which based its clumsy campaign strategy on them, consisting of feeding the campaign of demonization of the left against Vox >, stating that he did not want to govern with this party, while the socialists of the PSOE and the communists of Sumar went to the elections as a de facto coalition.

It is astonishing to observe that a month later, Feijóo continues without assuming any error and threatening to repeat the same strategy, consisting of presenting the existence of Vox as a problem, when he should be grateful for his support and for mobilizing to voters who would otherwise abstain or vote blank. Is there anyone in the PP who warns Feijóo that in this way he will only be able to repeat the fiasco of July 23? Or is it that no one in the court of sycophants that surrounds Feijóo is capable of having the honesty to tell him?


Photo: Partido Popular.

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