The president of the PP once again exhibits his blindness to reality in El Mundo

Feijóo still doesn't understand why Vox appeared and why many of us will not vote for the PP

One of the worst things a politician can do is confuse his wishes with reality, because that leads him to persist in error.

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Feijóo's words in an interview in El Mundo

That is the case of the current president of the Popular Party. Today the newspaper El Mundo publishes an interview with Alberto Núñez Feijóo (you can read it in full here) in which he states the following:

"I offer Vox voters to return home. And we are going to try to do it, at least, with a part of Vox. Why did Vox come about? Because left-wing populism arose and there was automatically a reaction on the other side, and because there was an attack on the unity of the nation that led to a lukewarmness from the PSOE and, therefore, an intense reaction from the electorate."

The real reasons why Vox emerged

Although I am not affiliated with that party, I have been a Vox voter since its founding, and the first thing that occurs to me to tell Mr. Feijóo is that I have never abandoned my home: I have been publishing this website for 19 years, defending the same principles as when I started, especially the unity of Spain, the right to life, family, freedom of education, freedom of language and a limited State.

If Vox emerged, it is because the PP abandoned an important part of the principles it claimed to defend, disappointing many Spaniards who at some point have voted for that party. In my case, I stopped voting for the PP when Feijóo betrayed his promise of linguistic freedom in Galicia, in December 2009, yielding to the pressure of Galician nationalism. And I will say more: even if the PP presented me with a program that I could subscribe to, I would not vote for it again because I cannot trust someone who has already lied to me, and even less if it presents as a candidate for the presidency of the government who deceived me 14 years ago.

The lukewarm attitude of the PP in the face of two attacks on the unity of Spain

In addition, we must remember that Vox emerged in January 2014, during a PP government with an absolute majority that decided to leave the ideological laws of the left intact, betraying its voters throughout Spain as it had already betrayed its voters in Galicia in 2009. But above all, it arose due to the lukewarm attitude of the PP in the face of two attacks on national unity in Catalonia, that of 2014 and that of 2017. The first of these began to take shape in October 2012, just before the regional elections in Catalonia that year.

It is astonishing to read Feijóo attributing the appearance of Vox to the "lukewarmness of the PSOE" in the face of these attacks, when the party that governed in both cases was the PP, and it did so trying to appease separatism, to finally allow the 2017 coup and only react late and badly, when the coup had already been carried out. Could you expect a different reaction from Feijóo to attacks like these? I cannot guess the future, but I can remember what the president of the PP himself said.

Feijóo's flirtation with the separatists in Galicia and Catalonia

The newspaper libraries are there and they are very clear. In 2014, Feijóo said that Galicia, like Catalonia, was a "nation without a state", and this while one of the aforementioned attacks against national unity was underway . A few years ago, in a Galician Television program, he said (you can see the video here): "I have much more to do with a BNG militant, that a BNG militant with a Bildu militant", forgetting, perhaps, that the BNG is Bildu's partner in Galicia. Along the same lines, last year Feijóo supported the PP adopting a Catalanist line in Catalonia, and this week, in an interview in La Vanguardia, has defended that it take the place of the CiU nationalists.

The betrayal of the PP to the defense of life

But of all the betrayals by the PP in general, and by Feijóo in particular, of conservative principles, the worst of all is his betrayal of the defense of life, openly denounced by Bishop José Ignacio Munilla and embodied in an electoral program in which the PP does not contemplate repealing either the abortion law or the euthanasia law, two of the worst attacks on human life that we have carried out in Spain in decades.

My reasons for never voting for the PP again

Of course, I cannot return to the house of the PP to which Feijóo refers because my house has never been the house of the culture of death, nor the house of lukewarmness, nor the house of betrayal of electoral promises, nor the house of submission to the ideological dogmas of the left, nor the house of linguistic nationalism (which is what Feijóo promoted in my land after having promised us the linguistic freedom) nor the house of the gender ideology imposed by Feijóo in Galician schools.

I cannot place my trust in the PP because the PP is a party that I find unvotable, and I want to vote conscientiously, supporting a party that agrees with my principles, with those principles that the PP has betrayed. That is why I will vote for Vox. And if Vox ceased to exist, I would again vote blank, which was my choice between Feijóo's betrayal in 2009 and the appearance of Vox in 2014. The PP deceived me once: never again. I cannot vote for a party and a politician who already lied to me once, and who is turning the PP into a clone of the PSOE , even going so far as to offer Sánchez a pact to continue in La Moncloa if the PP gets fewer votes than the PSOE, although the sum of PP and Vox exceeds the absolute majority. Sánchez votes for you, Feijóo.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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