Junts and ERC continue in their efforts to break the coexistence in Spain

What does the PP have to talk about with those who perpetrated the 2017 separatist coup?

In Spain we live in a situation that is Kafkaesque in terms of the conversations between the different political parties.

Political Prisoners? No: Prisoners for Harassing the Civil Guard and Destroying Three Vehicles
Separatism is already preparing its next coup as Vox warned in its lawsuit against Sánchez

The perverse alliances of Pedro Sánchez

While the left imposes an anti-democratic cordon against Vox -a democratic and constitutionalist party that defends its ideas by legal and peaceful means-, the socialists ally themselves with communists (that is, with those who support dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China and even North Korea) and with parties that carried out the 2017 separatist coup. An alliance that Pedro Sánchez maintains without shame, perhaps because his defective concept of democracy is very similar to that of his allies.

The PP says that it will speak to all the parties except Bildu

The Popular Party is no stranger to this curious way of understanding what the limits should be to consider the relationship between political parties acceptable. This week, the PP has announced who will speak to all the parties except Bildu, in order to attract support for the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. This means that the PP will also speak with parties such as Junts and ERC, the perpetrators of the 2017 coup, a coup for which the president of ERC was convicted of sedition and the leader of Junts, Carles Puigdemont, He is on the run from justice.

The role of Junts and ERC in the 2017 separatist coup

In fact, both Together as ERC have set a new separatist referendum as a condition for supporting Sánchez. They are two parties determined to break national unity and break the constitutional order. Let us also remember that it was a coup that resorted to violence. Just remember images like the one that heads these lines, when separatist mobs harassed the Civil Guard and destroyed three of their vehicles in Barcelona, without Junts or ERC condemning these violent acts.

The PP must answer a very simple question: what does the PP have to talk about with those who perpetrated that coup? It seems normal to me that the PP does not want to talk to Bildu, a party that refuses to condemn the ETA terrorism, but let us remember that the purpose of this criminal action was to break up Spain, the same goal that parties like Junts and ERC have, which have also resorted to illegal methods to try to destroy national unity. Any democratic party should reject any conversation with such parties. That would be the best way to not give the separatists hope of being heard while they insist on that perverse end, because that is how their attempt to destroy coexistence between Spaniards deserves to be described.

The PNV and the BNG expressly supported that separatist coup

Finally, the PP should also remember that Junts and ERC were not alone in their attempt to break national unity. The PNV and the BNG expressly supported the act of sedition by the Catalan separatists in 2017, with separate statements in favor of his illegal referendum. Likewise, the BNG contested the 2014 European elections and of 2019 in coalition with Bildu. A few weeks ago, the Galician separatist formation expressed his will to re-edit that coalition with the pro-ETA members in the 2024 European elections. What should we talk about with Bildu's electoral partners , gentlemen of the PP?


Photo: Efe.

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