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Without life there can be no individual or freedom: seven liberal arguments against abortion

One of the crudest manipulations that is usually done is to present abortion as the panacea of classic liberalism, as an act of freedom.

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As a liberal-conservative and pro-life, there is nothing that seems more contradictory to me than proclaiming yourself "liberal" and defending an act as monstrous as killing an innocent and defenseless human being in the womb. I can think of many arguments from a liberal point of view against this atrocity, but I will present seven:

1. Without respect for human life there is no liberalism

Liberalism implies the defense of individual rights, and that requires recognizing human dignity. It is not coherent to think that human beings have intrinsic rights and at the same time dehumanize and objectify certain human beings, in order to justify their elimination. In fact, this way of thinking is not typical of liberalism, but of totalitarian ideologies. Believing that there are human beings who do not deserve to live, affirming that they are not even human, is a radically illiberal idea, because it is based on the anti-scientific premise that certain human beings are not, because others do not care. They should be, to be able to get rid of them.

2. Abortion is an attack on freedom

Some present the act of aborting as an act of freedom, but it is not.Abortion is an attack on freedom just as any form of murder is.Killing a person means stripping them of what they belong to. necessarily linked to freedom: human life. Without respect for human life there is no freedom. Believing you have the right to kill an innocent and defenseless human being does not make anyone freer. What this implies is that certain people believe themselves superior to others to the point of denying them the right to life. That is a direct attack against one of the bases of liberalism: the equality of every individual without distinction of sex, race, nationality or age.

3. No human being is the property of another

One of the most illiberal statements that exist is the abortionist slogan "we give birth, we decide."Being a mother does not make any woman the owner of her children nor does it give her the right to take their lives.That a unborn child has a biological relationship of dependency with his mother does not mean that she has the right to kill him. Already born children also have a great dependence on their parents, and they are not entitled to take their lives, nor even to leave them abandoned to die. Some confuse liberalism with inhumanity and barbarism.

4. There can be no individual rights if we kill the individual

If we understand liberalism as an ideology that is limited to a mere defense of individual rights, even stripping it of any ethical and moral basis, it is not coherent to put the individual at the center of that thought and at the same time admit the destruction of that individualprecisely at the beginning of his life, at the stage in which that individual most needs the protection of everyone. But it is also false to believe that liberalism must be stripped of all ethical and moral connotations. Believing that murder is wrong is an ethical and moral statement. If we ignore it, what we have is not a freer society, but a society that is more dangerous for the survival of the individual.

5. Abortion destroys freedom because it destroys responsibility.

The pro-abortion movement has become stronger with the so-called "sexual revolution" of the 60s and 70s. Communist ideologists like Simone de Beauvoir and Shulamith Firestone< /a> they proposed abortion as a way to get rid of responsibility for our own actions when having sexual relations. Basically, his idea could be summarized in this phrase: let's do whatever we want and let someone else pay for the consequences with their life. That is putting one person's irresponsibility above another person's individual rights. This does not make a freer society, but rather a more irresponsible society. And without responsibility there can be no freedom.

6. Abortion is applying the death penalty to an innocent person

One of the great advances of humanity has been the progressive abolition of capital punishment, a punishment that consisted of taking the lives of people convicted of the most atrocious crimes. In addition to being an inhuman punishment, capital punishment involved numerous risks, since there was the possibility that someone would be convicted unjustly and once the sentence was carried out there would be no way to correct that error. It is incoherent that many who reject the death penalty at the same time consider it legitimate to kill an innocent human being, who has not even had the opportunity to commit any evil. This also includes abortion in case of pregnancy due to rape. In a crime of rape that ends in pregnancy, there are two victims: the raped woman and her child. It is radically unfair and absurd that in a crime of rape the only person sentenced to death is one of the victims of the crime, and not the rapist.

7. The perverse effects of the legalization of abortion

Abortion is not only an atrocity, but it also has perverse effects on society as a whole. When we admit that the most basic of individual rights, which is life, is violated, all other rights are threatened. It is not strange, in this sense, to observe that countries that have legalized abortion They have embarked on a slippery current that leads them to erode and trample on other rights. And it is when we accept that we are stripped of our responsibility, we are walking the path to being stripped of our most basic freedoms as well. Just look at how Western democracies are degrading because of it.

On the other hand, every law has didactic effects in society, because it conveys the idea that what is good is legalized, to favor it, and what is harmful is illegalized, to prevent it. By legalizing abortion, the idea is transmitted that killing an innocent person is something legitimate and good. On a social level this transmits an equally aberrant idea: that any problem that arises in life will be can be resolved through violence.

Let us not be surprised that the most radical abortionists, those of the ultra-left, are increasingly resorting to violence against those who do not share their opinion with increasing frequency, without showing even the slightest remorse and even without deserving the condemnation of the most moderate left. If it is legitimate to kill the most innocent and defenseless human being, using violence to silence those who disagree is the next step.


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