The future Queen of Spain continues her training in the Spanish Army

The Princess Leonor at the General Military Academy: some images that provoke pride

New images have been released of the formation of H.R.H. the Princess of Asturias, Leonor de Borbón, at the General Military Academy.

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Yesterday the Royal Family released a video and a series of photos of the delivery of the sabers to the 560 newly admitted cadets for access to the Officer Scales of the General, Quartermaster and Polytechnics Engineer Corps of the Army and the Civil Guard Corps. The saber today has a symbolic character and is only used in solemn acts and ceremonies, but as the Royal House points out, "its reception acquires a primary value as a symbol of the command that "the cadets who are now joining officer training will serve in a few years."

By receiving the saber, "the knight or lady cadet assumes the command function for which he must prepare, formalizing the obligation to embrace the values of patriotism, honor, loyalty and service, basis of their moral formation, collected in the cadet's decalogue." Here we can see the video of the ceremony:

Likewise, today the Royal House has released new images of the military training of Princess Leonor, noting that she has completed "a period of basic military training in which, among other activities, the cadets have carried out shooting exercises, passing of combat track, topographic routes, light steps and passage of water courses." Once this training is completed, "the individual instruction of the combatant begins, moral and military training is given and knowledge about weapons and equipment is imparted."

It is the first time that a woman is heir to the throne of Spain since the 19th century and it is also the first time that a Princess of Spain carries out this military training. The images that are being disseminated no longer show us a teenager, but a woman who has taken on the challenges that will entail her status as future Queen of Spain . Let us remember that, according to Article 56 of the Constitution, the King "is the Head of the State, a symbol of its unity and permanence."

As a Spaniard it fills me with pride to see the poise and dedication of Princess Leonor as a lady cadet. In addition to having a beautiful heir to the throne, Spain can rest assured that the future Queen will have the necessary preparation required for the role that the Constitution grants her as supreme command of the Armed Forces.

Furthermore, their military training can serve as an incentive for other girls to follow that vocation of service to Spain in the Armed Forces, something that the government should especially value but that, apparently, and perhaps For ideological reasons, it is hardly being promoted. In Defense and Aviation this is valued. You can see here the images published yesterday and today by the Royal Family.

The delivery of sabers

Basic military training

Receiving the red cadet beret

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