The Vox leader denounced the effects of the PP's linguistic policy in Galicia

Feijóo thanks Vox for its support by criticizing its existence and receives a great reply from Abascal

There are certain things that seem doomed to not change in Spanish politics, and one of them is the attitude of the Popular Party.

Vox gets the PP to agree to repeal in Cantabria an ideological law that it maintains in Andalusia
The PP organizes a rally “for equality” and Feijóo ends up defending socialism

This Tuesday, at the investiture session of Alberto Núñez Feijóo in the Congress of Deputies, after referring to the existence of Vox, Feijóo has once again repeated the statement that if the center-right were not "fractured" would have obtained 190 seats. An absurd statement that is based on the mistaken belief that all of us who voted for Vox would be voters of the Popular Party if Vox did not exist. And it is not like that. I spent years voting blank until Vox appeared and I would vote blank again if Vox disappeared and there were no other parties that defended their positions.

In a magnificent reply, Abascal asked Feijóo if the figure of 190 seats was given to him by "the pollsters who had told them that they were going to have an absolute majority". The president of Vox has taken advantage of his reply to remind him that Vox is not a split from the PP, and that Vox defends approaches that the PP has never defended. Abascal has also made an accurate reference to my homeland, Galicia, for which I am very grateful, when addressing the situation caused by the PP's linguistic policy in this community. Here the video (the video is in Spanish, you can activate the automatic English subtitles in the bottom bar of the player):


Photos: Vox Congreso / Partido Popular.

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