He criticized things that he himself has done in Galicia, without any self-criticism

The PP organizes a rally “for equality” and Feijóo ends up defending socialism

This afternoon, the Popular Party held a rally "for equality" in Madrid, which was attended by tens of thousands of people.

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Faced with other calls against the amnesty that are emerging these days, the PP preferred to do a "party act", giving it a form of demonstration so that there would be more people, and used one of its related media to announce that it would not invite Vox. Frankly, I think that with this decision the PP did a favor to the party chaired by Santiago Abascal, because in view of what happened, Vox would have been a mere filler in a PP rally, and not in a demonstration against the amnesty.

At the PP rally the former presidents of the government José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy spoke. Both made pacts with the separatists during their mandates. Aznar allowed, with the Majestic Pact, the Catalan separatists to exclude Spanish in the schools of Catalonia, establishing a linguistic Apartheid that the PP government did not appeal to the Constitutional Court. In turn, Rajoy responded lukewarmly to the separatist coup of 2017, approving the suspension of Catalan autonomy late and poorly. If we are where we are in Spain it is, to a large extent, due to the actions of both of us.

For the rest, at the PP rally Feijóo said certain things that I want to comment on (you can see the full video of the rally here):

  • He stated that Sánchez and his partners "are neither progressive, nor are they socialists, nor are they the majority" (point 1:17:23 of the video) and added: "It is not socialism when they pretend establishing privileges for an elite of politicians to the detriment of everyone. That is not socialism:that is political elitism, never socialism." That is to say, this was going to be an act "for equality" and Feijóo ended up defending socialism. Precisely that is what socialism has always been: giving privileges to an elite to the detriment of everyone. This is what all socialist governments and regimes in different countries have done, enriching the socialist elite and impoverishing the people.

  • Feijóo also thanked the 33 Vox deputies for their support (1:21:20). A thank you that sounds quite hypocritical after having chosen to organize a party event to which he did not want to invite Vox, instead of holding a unitary demonstration in Madrid.
  • Likewise, Feijóo stated: "The equality of all Spaniards is the guarantee that each citizen has the same rights, obligations and opportunities for freedom" (1:24:17). So, why does the PP insist on supporting a law on gender violence that breaks equality before the law? It is a law that establishes different penalties depending on the sex of the person who commits a crime. aggression within the couple. Is that equal rights?
  • The president of the PP also said: "I believe that everyone can have whatever beliefs they want, but that is compatible with respect for culture, with respect for tradition and with the contribution of Christianity to Western Europe" (1:27:01). The quote to Christianity is greatly appreciated, but it is not consistent with his speech defending abortion as a right and its imposition of gender ideology in the schools of Galicia, violating the constitutional right of parents to have their children receive moral training in accordance with their beliefs.
  • My favorite part of Feijóo's speech was this: "I believe that the languages of all communities and the common language are the expression of wealth and understanding when used among those who know them But let's not treat each other like foreigners in our country. Let's communicate with respect, and not with earpieces and karaoke screens in the Congress of Deputies. It makes no sense. This is not what is asked. Congress is going to understand it, not translate it" (1:27:23). Well, that is precisely what Feijóo has done in Galicia: the exclusion of Spanish at an official level, starting with toponymy, in which only place names in Galician are official. An exclusion that also affects educational centers. The PP has imposed linguistic barriers in Galicia even to be a lifeguard. And now Feijóo says this? Let us also remember that the PP has already stated that it is not going to abolish the use of regional languages in the Senate. Don't people go to the Senate to understand each other, Mr. Feijóo?

If we except things like the defense of socialism, Feijóo's speech would have been very good as a change of course, but experience shows us that the Popular Party is an expert at saying one thing and doing the opposite. In fact, at today's rally the PP has not made even the slightest self-criticism for its responsibility in this situation. It wants to present itself as the solution to the problem when it has been, to a large extent, its cause. Don't count on me for these farces.


Main photo: Partido Popular.

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