Borja Sémper rejects, without citing it, Vox's initiative on the Upper House

The PP rejects the use of regional languages in Congress but will maintain them in the Senate

Saying one thing and doing the opposite has already become a habit on the part of the leadership and representatives of the Popular Party.

La patada de la izquierda al español, el gran gesto de Vox y la ridícula incoherencia del PP
La izquierda pretende degradar el español como lengua común y El País lo confirma

Vox supports the PP amendments but the PP does not support Vox's amendment

This morning, the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies has approved the modification of its regulations to allow the use of regional languages (you can see the video of the debate here), in one more cession of the PSOE to the separatist parties to obtain their support for the re-election of Pedro Sánchez. The PP has taken advantage of the debate to mark distances with Vox. Thus, although the Vox deputies supported the amendments presented by the PP, the PP did not support the entire amendment presented by Vox, opting for abstention (you can see the results of the different votes here).

Vox asked for the support of the PP to end translations in the Senate

The attitude of the PP went beyond disloyalty to Vox, after this party announced its support for the investiture of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Yesterday Santiago Abascal announced that Vox will present an initiative to restore Spanish as a common language in the Senate:"Today in Congress the coup majority has been imposed by the minimum, but it is a minority in the Senate. We hope that the PP supports the initiative."

In this morning's debate in Congress, the parliamentary spokesperson for Vox, Pepa Millán, criticized the PP for preventing the schooling of children in Spanish in Galicia and announced the aforementioned initiative of her party: "Now you have an opportunity to rectify that course in the Senate," she said, looking at the PP deputies. While she was saying it, the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, lowered his head:

The PP defends for the Senate what it rejects in Congress

The response of the Popular Party has not been long in coming. After Pepa Millán, the PP deputy Borja Sémper took the floor, who after making a defense of Spanish as a common language, renounced that defense with regard to the Senate:

"The Spanish Parliament already allows the use of co-official regional languages. In this Congress, without going any further, naturally, in references, quotes, phrases or short self-translated paragraphs, and that has never been a problem. In the Senate, the regulation was reformed so that in assessed cases and in its consideration of its status as a chamber of territorial representation, the official regional languages would have a role, and it is reasonable that this should be the case."

Sémper's statement is, without citing it, a negative response to Vox's initiative to put an end to the nonsense of the translators in the Senate, the same nonsense that the PP voted against today in Congress. Once again, the PP does one thing and the opposite. It is the distinctive mark of that party. We will see how many media related to the PP report on it.


Photo: Partido Popular.

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