Socialists and communists feed the myth that there are too many people

Overpopulation, the obsession of the left wing that drives its most inhuman policies

One of the most pernicious political myths is that of overpopulation, the idea that there are too many people in the world and we must act accordingly.

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries
The evil motive of communist rejection to charity towards the needy: the case of Lenin

Marx opposed his communist utopia to the theses of Malthus

The great formulator of this myth was Thomas Malthus with his "Essay on the Principle of Population" (1798), which unleashed a series of anti-natalist norms in some European countries at the beginning of the 19th century. Karl Marx opposed Malthus's theses on overpopulation, believing that technology would make it possible to end the lack of resources on which Malthus's supporters based his ideas. For Marx, this technological advance would only be possible in a communist society. But he was completely wrong.

The first communist dictatorship and hunger used as a weapon

The first communist dictatorship was established in Russia in 1917. The first communist dictator was Lenin, an unscrupulous individual who he considered that hunger had beneficial political effects, under the idea that the desperation it generated would make the masses join the Marxist movement. In fact, before and after his rise to power Lenin opposed all campaigns to help the hungry , and even dedicated himself to defaming those who participated in them. In addition to that, with his requisition policy, Lenin caused a great famine in 1921 and 1922, which affected about 27 million people and killed between 3 and 5 million.

That famine demonstrated the failure of Marxist economic recipes, but Lenin, with a purely Machiavellian attitude, proposed to use that famine to accumulate more power and, specifically, to liquidate the Orthodox Church, presenting it as a scapegoat. In the absence of economic success, Lenin unleashed a wave of terror in which more than a million people were murdered for political reasons in just six years.

The failure of communist recipes and their belief in zero sum

It is worth wondering to what extent the first communist dictatorship (and the following ones) did not see a demographic incentive for these massive crimes, in addition to political motivations. Let us keep in mind that in its first years, the communist dictatorship caused a rural exodus with its nationalization of land, an exodus that supplied a lot of cheap labor to Soviet industry, but massed the cities with terrible living conditions. It was the end of the Marxist utopia about technological advance that would end the feared overpopulation.

At that time, communism not only showed the failure of its economic recipes, but also its inability to understand the economy, considering it a zero-sum game, as explains Carlos Rodríguez Braun: "The zero sum is that no person can improve their condition without make someone else's worse. Marx believes in zero sum: the profit of businessmen comes from the exploitation of workers."

Communism ended up embracing the inhuman Malthusian theses

The problem with this belief in zero sum is that it also implied the belief that, given the failure of Marxist forecasts, there were too many people in the USSR. Lenin showed his adherence to Malthusian theses even before his regime caused the aforementioned famine of 1921. In 1920 the USSR legalized abortion, that is, the act of killing unborn children. The communist dictatorship needed labor for its industrialization process and that included women, and motherhood did not fit into Lenin's industrial plans.

The demographic disaster caused by communism in Russia

With these fatal ingredients, communism caused a demographic disaster in Russia, aggravated by the massive purges caused by Stalin. In 1936, at the height of Nazism and with a country in crisis, Stalin decided to make abortion illegal for purely opportunistic reasons and with the exception of the risk to the mother's health. The Attorney General of the USSR, Aaron Soltz, justified it like this: "We don't have enough people. We have so much to do! ... We need more and more fighters, builders of this life. We need people." Despite the prohibition, and taking advantage of the legal assumption, in the USSR hundreds of thousands of abortions continued to be carried out annually, reaching more than 500,000 in 1940.

The extermination of the unborn in the USSR: up to 8.5 million abortions annually

In 1955, after Stalin's death, abortion was legalized again in the USSR. The previous year, 1954, 1.9 million abortions had already been carried out in the country. The Soviet dictatorship reached its maximum number of abortions in 1965: 8.5 million. Until 1987, the number of annual abortions in the USSR did not drop below 7 million. The Soviet dictatorship exported this culture of death to its satellite countries. Thus the geography professor Manuel Ferrer Regales explained its effects: "Between 1950 and 1960 the number of abortions had exceeded the number of births in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, the USSR and even Poland." The same author pointed out that in Hungary 135.5 abortions were committed for every 100 live births in 1965; in Romania 400.6; in the USSR 275.1.

Communist China has reached 23 million abortions annually

That communist Malthusianism ended up moving to other continents. In communist China, 23 million abortions have been carried out per year, many of them forced, and in parallel with a mandatory one-child policy that has ended up being repealed due to the serious demographic imbalance caused by these anti-natalist policies in the country. It was precisely in China where communism perpetrated the largest genocide in history, with up to 82 million dead between executions, deaths of political prisoners and mass famine.

The extermination of unborn children in Vietnam and Cuba

In turn, The communist dictatorship of Vietnam has had the highest abortion rate in Asia, with up to 59.1 per 100 pregnancies. In Cuba, rates of 73.25 abortions were recorded for every 1,000 women in 1982. To give us an idea, today Cuba is the country with the highest abortion rate in Iberian America and the Caribbean, 55 per 1,000 women: it is 4.7 times the abortion rate of Spain (11.68). That is one of the reasons why the Cuban population carries 25 years stagnant at 11 million inhabitants.

The left wing has promoted this same extermination of those not born in the West

Furthermore, the left has been the great promoter of the legalization of abortion in the West, with its most fanatical apologists among the extreme left. Motivated largely by the myth of overpopulation, especially in the 1970s, these anti-natalist policies are causing a new demographic disaster in many Western countries, a disaster that the left seeks to solve by opening borders and introducing large masses of immigrant population into Europe, using the excuse that they come to pay our pensions, but causing major problems of integration and insecurity.

Economic globalization and the success of capitalism in the West have demonstrated the falsehood of the myth of overpopulation, as The New York Times even recognized, a medium not at all suspicious of holding conservative positions. However, the left wing remains obsessed with that myth, and that largely explains its most inhumane policies, especially its promotion of abortion and euthanasia. A promotion of the culture of death in which, it must be said, the left has managed to capture the so-called centrism and a part of the right, which have bowed to the anti-natal theses of socialists and communists.

The same old left wing with its same obsessions

Now in the West the left no longer has dictatorships willing to massacre millions of people, as the communists have done since 1917, so they choose to try to convince women that their there are too many children and it is better to get rid of them, even demonizing families with more children for the sake of environmentalism, pressuring them to abort. It is the same old left wing, with its same old obsessions, determined to liquidate millions of human beings in the infamous belief that there are too many of them.


Photo: Reuters.

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