The abortion rate in Spain reached its highest figure since 2013 in 2022

2.75 million aborted children in Spain: the politicians responsible for this atrocity

One of the most terrible events of our time is the social acceptance of abortion, the act of killing innocent and defenseless human beings.

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98,316 unborn children murdered in 2022, 8,127 more than in 2021

This week, the Ministry of Health has published the data of abortions in Spain corresponding to the year 2022: 98,316. This figure indicates the murder of 8,127 more unborn children than in 2021, a "success" with which a left that has made this monstrosity one of its ideological banners will feel satisfied. The abortion rate has reached its highest figure since 2013: 11.68 per 1,000 women.

2,759,524 unborn children murdered in Spain since 1985

Since the decriminalization of abortion in 1985, 2,759,524 unborn sons and daughters have already been murdered in Spain, and I do the gender split because the paradox arises that left-wing feminists They celebrate the murder of more than 1.38 million unborn girls, since approximately half of the births are girls, and it can be assumed that we will talk about a similar proportion in abortions.

To give us an idea of the proportions of this massacre, in 2022, 329,892 babies were born in Spain. Thus, in 2022, 22.95% of the children conceived in Spain were murdered. According to data published by the Ministry of Health, in 2022 91.23% of aborted children were aborted at the will of their mother, a figure that reaches an all-time high. We are talking about children who have been killed and dismembered for the mere fact of not being wanted. Abortion promoters are managing to destroy the strongest biological bond in nature: the one that leads a mother to protect her children. It is disgusting to call this "right" and "progress."

The responsibility of the PSOE, the PP and Podemos

Of course, this massacre has very defined political leaders and very easy to identify:

  • 1,654,067 unborn children have been murdered in 23 years of socialist governments of the PSOE, the party that promoted the two laws approved so far to promote this atrocity. 276,774 of them were murdered during the coalition governments of the PSOE and the communists of Podemos, which rival their socialist allies in their pro-abortion fanaticism.
  • 1,105,457 unborn children were murdered in 12 years of centrist governments of the Popular Party, a party that not only did nothing to repeal socialist abortion laws, but also aggravated their effects by legalizing the pill abortive and, finally, have ended up assuming the same pro-abortion positions as the left.

Today, in Spanish institutions there is only one pro-life party: Vox, which is currently the only one that continues to defend the culture of life and oppose the monstrosity of abortion. A defense of life that is worthy of applause.

The role of voters in this atrocity

In Spain we have reached an extreme as grotesque as protect pets more than unborn children. Of course, the responsibility for this situation is not exclusive to some politicians and all parties except Vox. Voters also have a great responsibility in this. A responsibility that cannot be hidden and that should be cause for serious reflection.

Of course, many left-wing voters don't care that there are a high number of abortions in Spain. Decades of lies and pro-abortion propaganda have wreaked havoc on the consciences of many people who feel more sorry for a dead seal than for the annual slaughter of unborn human beings. It is ridiculous that the left considers itself morally superior to the rest while holding positions as aberrant as that.

As for center-right voters, it is sad to see how many of them have cornered the defense of life, voting for pro-abortion parties like the PP or Ciudadanos, such as if this issue did not affect them at all when voting. This also happens among many Catholics, and not only due to lack of training and awareness on this issue, but also due to the regrettable role of an Episcopal Conference that supports media outlets, COPE and 13TV, who openly support the PPdespite its openly anti-Christian positions on issues such as abortion or gender ideology.

Counting Stars, with the defense of life whoever governs

Of course, one of the reasons for being of Counting Stars is the defense of the right to life, from conception to natural death. This principle is one of the pillars of this website. If I gave it up, this site would no longer have meaning. Thus, Counting Stars will continue defending life and denouncing the crime of abortion no matter who governs and regardless of whoever governs, from the independence that has characterized this website since its foundation.

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