He has turned his government into the European reference for anti-Semites

The promoters of hatred against the Jews that Sánchez brought into the Spanish government

Spain is the only country in the European Union that has communists in its government, and that has very serious implications.

Terrorist attack on Israel: once again, the communists and the nazis united in infamy
A report by a European NGO uncovers the new antisemitism of the far-left

Spain, the great exception in European condemnations of the Hamas terrorist attack

We could see one of those implications yesterday after the terrorist attack by Hamas against the civilian population of Israel which has already resulted, so far, in 250 dead, 1,450 injured and 52 Israeli citizens kidnapped, as well as women tortured and raped by the Islamist criminals who have power in the Gaza Strip.

As usually happens in these cases, Spain has been the great exception in the condemnations of European countries against this terrorist attack. It is something unprecedented, since our country has directly suffered from Islamist terrorism and we should be very sensitive to it. The problem is that when the socialist Pedro Sánchez brought the communists of Podemos into his government, he also brought in great allies of Islamic radicalism. The best known case is that of Pablo Iglesias Turrión, collaborator of an Iranian public television belonging to the Broadcasting Service of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A few years before Sánchez appointed him vice president of the government, Pablo Iglesias acknowledged that he allowed himself to be used by Iran to destabilize Spain, a statement for which his entry into the government should have been blocked for reasons of national security. But that didn't matter to Pedro Sánchez. As has happened so many other times, the socialist leader prioritized his personal interest over any other consideration. Yesterday, Pablo Iglesias not only did not condemn the Hamas terrorist attack but he justified them, equating Ukraine with the Palestinians precisely the day in which a Palestinian terrorist group massacred hundreds of Israelis in an aggression with thousands of rockets and armed terrorists indiscriminately murdering, kidnapping, torturing and raping Israeli civilians.

Members of the Sánchez government subscribe to the rhetoric of Palestinian terrorism

In turn, the still vice president Yolanda Díaz, a member of the Communist Party of Spain, referred to the Hamas attack without making any mention of terrorism, without talking about the crimes suffered by Israeli citizens and demanding "an end to the occupation and that the Palestinian people can live with dignity ", assuming the lying rhetoric with which Palestinian terrorism justifies its atrocities.

Along the same lines, Minister Ione Belarra (of Podemos) distanced herself from the condemnations of the attack of Hamas and denounced "a complicit silence in the face of Israel's attacks against the Palestinian people", without dedicating a word to the murdered, kidnapped and tortured Israeli civilians or to the Israeli women rapedby Hamas terrorists.

Sánchez's government partners do not condemn the Hamas terrorist attack

In turn, the spokesperson for Podemos, Isa Serra, made an infamous statement without condemning the Hamas attack, limiting itself to rejecting "the declaration of a state of war" by Israel after being attacked and criticizing "the violent occupation of the territory Palestinian by the State of Israel", also assuming the false propaganda of Palestinian terrorism. In turn, another of the extreme left parties that is part of the government, the communist formation Izquierda Unida, published a statement in which it expresses solidarity with the Palestinians but not with the murdered, tortured and kidnapped Israeli civilians, and in which he does not make a single criticism of the Hamas terrorist attack.

The spokesperson and MEP of Izquierda Unida, the communist Sira Rego, went even further, justifying the Hamas attack with the argument that "Palestine has the right to resist after decades of occupation, apartheid and exile". That is to say, the extreme left assumes the rhetoric of terrorists and calls for "resisting" the commission of murders, kidnappings, torture and rape of unarmed civilians.

Some statements that should lead to immediate dismissal

Statements such as those cited by far-left leaders should motivate actions by the Prosecutor's Office, in the same way that much less serious statements have been acted upon. But that will not happen because in Spain the Prosecutor's Office is controlled by the government and does not bother its partners and allies, something that should be a shame for the Spanish people but that many have assumed as something normal.

Regardless of the criminal consequences, in any other European country statements such as those cited would lead to immediate dismissals by the people who are part of the government. However, that will not happen in Spain because Sánchez needs the extreme left to govern and that is why he allows everything, including siding with the Hamas terrorists.

A hatred of Israel fueled by the anti-Semitism of the extreme left

The fault that these fanatics are in the Spanish government lies with Sánchez, his PSOE co-religionists and his voters, who consider it normal to have as allies totalitarians who promote hatred against Jews. And I say this because once again it has become evident that so-called "anti-Zionism" is nothing more than a crude disguise for lifelong anti-Semitism. What motivates the hatred of the extreme left against Israel is the fact that it is the only Jewish state. The extreme left does not exhibit such an attitude against the numerous Islamic confessional states that exist in the world, not even against those who violate human rights and treat women as second-class human beings.

If the extreme left hates Israel it is because it hates the Jews, a hatred that Karl Marx began to feed in 1844 with a famous anti-Semitic essay whose content is dangerously reminiscent of "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Communism has taken over from Nazism in promoting anti-Semitism in the world, and it has done so by trivializing the Holocaust and blaming Israel for acting against the Palestinians just as the Nazis acted against the Jews, some infamous accusations that the IHRA has described as clear forms of antisemitism. Sánchez is not only degrading the rule of law in Spain, but he has also turned his government into the European reference for anti-Semites, admitting extremists who promote hatred against people to his council of ministers. the Jews.


Photo: PSOE. Pedro Sánchez, president of the government of Spain, with whom he was vice president of his government, the communist Pablo Iglesias Turrión, founder and president of the far-left Podemos party and for years host of a program on a television channel of the Iranian regime.

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