This is “an unprecedented situation that generates complete revulsion in us”

Vox cries out against Yolanda Díaz and Sumar: “They are justifying the murder of civilians”

The dastardly statements made by members of Sánchez's government regarding the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel have been answered by Vox.

The promoters of hatred against the Jews that Sánchez brought into the Spanish government
Terrorist attack on Israel: once again, the communists and the nazis united in infamy

Abascal accuses Sánchez's associates of “justifying crimes and terrorism against the Israeli population”

Last Saturday, the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, declared: "All our support for Israel, which today is under a very serious terrorist attack. And all our rejection of the sowers of hate and those who, through Western politics, protect them."

The next day, and showing some of the images of Hamas atrocities against Israeli women, Abascal noted: "It is disgusting to see the left, Sánchez's associates, justify the crimes and terrorism against the Israeli population. They applaud the murder of more than 300 people; They applaud beasts murdering women, children and old people in the streets; they applaud beasts dragging on the ground and kidnapping young girls who are then humiliated by the mob. They dress as feminists, as multiculturals, as pacifists... but they are only one garbage full of hate and cruelty."

Vox points to Yolanda Díaz and Sumar: “They are justifying the murder of civilians”

In a press conference held this afternoon, the general secretary of Vox, Ignacio Garriga, expressed "our horror and our deep rejection of the successive terrorist attacks caused by the Islamists of Hamas. The same rejection, the same horror that the unprecedented situation generates in us which is being brought to us by a vice president of the government, a member of Sumar, like all the statements that members of the same political party are making. They are justifying the murder of civilians, they are justifying truly images atrocious acts of humiliation of women in public, of mistreatment of children:that is what part of the Spanish government and members of the Sumar party are justifying. I insist: an unprecedented situation that generates all sorts of rejection and horror in us."

Vox expresses its support and affection for the victims and their families

Regarding the news published today that there is two Spanish citizens among those missing due to the Hamas terrorist attack, Garriga has pointed out: "We have learned this morning how two Spaniards have already become victims of those terrorist attacks. As could not be less, we convey our support, our affection for the families, the victims, and of course a prayer for their souls."

"We demand, in these circumstances, that the government of Spain, first of all, report with all possible details of the victims and how many Spaniards are in a situation of difficulty in the face of this tragedy that we are experiencing. living," Garriga added. "And of course, to send all the resources that are necessary to guarantee and protect the security of our compatriots."


Photo: Vox.

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