They release people into our streets whose identity is unknown in many cases

The massive transfer of illegal immigrants on anti-terrorist alert 4: a real madness

In the last few hours, many Spaniards have witnessed, astonished, the massive transfer of illegal immigrants from the Canary Islands to the Peninsula.

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The government transfers thousands of illegal immigrants with great opacity

The government has reported that the transferred immigrants would number 5,000 in total. The transfer of these illegal immigrants has been done with a great opacity of the Pedro Sánchez government, which has caused complaints from regional and municipal governments. In some cases these immigrants are being housed in hotels, even high category, paid for by the government with taxpayers' money.

This massive transfer can lead to logical problems of insecurity: we are talking about hundreds of people who neither study nor work, and who will be able to roam freely around Spain for a period of one to three months. We must also take into account two very important details: these immigrants have arrived from Islamic countries and in many cases their identities are unknown.

A serious security risk in an anti-terrorist alert 4

By allowing these illegal immigrants to roam freely around Spain, the government is failing to fulfill its duty to ensure the safety of Spaniards and also the rest of Europeans, since once they are in Spain, These people can benefit from the Schengen Treaty, by which internal borders in the European Union were abolished. Currently, Spain is on anti-terrorist alert 4, due to a high risk of threat. A level that has been reinforced in recent days after the Hamas terrorist attack against Israel and the jihadist threats to transfer this terrorist violence to Europe, threats that have already been fulfilled in the case in Belgium a few days ago.

It seems that the government of Pedro Sánchez, very busy with complying with the illegal whims of its separatist partners, has forgotten that its duty is to ensure the safety of the Spanish people, starting with our borders and territorial waters, which in the case of our land borders in Ceuta and Melilla and our territorial waters in the Canary Islands, are also the limits of the European Union.

A madness whose perpetrators should be brought to court

Under normal conditions it is seriously irresponsible to distribute thousands of illegal immigrants throughout Spain, leaving them without any control (because it seems very unlikely that they will be permanently monitored), but under current conditions it is a real madness on the part of the government, which seems determined to provide all the facilities to any jihadist who has decided to take advantage of this wave of illegal immigrants to reach our streets.

Given what we are seeing, the government should not only resign immediately for this serious negligence, with which it exposes us Spaniards to notable security risks, but also those responsible If they had made that decision they should be brought to justice. Spain should not be governed by irresponsible people who expose citizens to such a risk in a situation of anti-terrorist alert, a risk that does not affect our rulers because they enjoy protection that the rest of us do not have, but also that irresponsibility cannot come free in legal and criminal terms.


Photo: Efe. Fernando Grande-Marlaska, Minister of the Interior, with Pedro Sánchez, President of the Government, in the Congress of Deputies.

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