Silence on the left in the face of an official statistic that contradicts its speeches

The nationality of the murderers of women in Spain: the fact that silences feminists

To anyone who has even a modicum of respect for logic, all generalizations should be abhorrent. All without exception.

Silence of feminism in the face of three rapes against minors in Spain with a common trait
Moroccans rape a Spanish girl and that's how the leftist media publish the news

The desire for identity to attribute blame to entire groups

Like all identity ideologies, left-wing feminism attributes blame to entire groups, simply for being of a certain condition, instead of valuing each individual for their actions. Where others are dedicated to pointing out the rich, Jews or Christians, feminism points out men. It is the second ideology that has gone furthest in its irrational desire to criminalize others for their identity: it simply points to half of humanity.

In this obsession with demonizing people for their identity, leftist feminism is only surpassed by xenophobic nationalism, which goes one step further and considers all foreigners evil. The difference is that today xenophobic nationalism, at its maximum expression, is something purely marginal. There are very few people who hate all those who do not share their nationality, while there are many people, institutions and organizations that support this irrational misandric feminism.

The problem that leftist feminism encounters when it comes to supporting its irrational hatred of men is not only logical, but also statistical. If feminists demonize men because a small percentage murder and mistreat women (something that causes horror and repulsion to the vast majority of men), they should also demonize groups in which that these crimes present higher percentages, such as foreigners in the case of Spain.

45.2% of murderers of women in Spain are foreigners

This Wednesday, The Objective published: "45% of the murders of women in 2023 have been committed by foreigners". The news refers to Spain and this information has not been the result of an invention: appears in an official document from the Ministry of Equality (see PDF), a department in the hands of the communist Irene Montero, of the far-left Podemos party. Specifically, the percentage is 45.2%. Those who do not know much mathematics will settle for thinking that they are a minority compared to the 54.8% of women murdered by Spaniards. However, and as The Objective points out, foreigners are 12.63% of Spain's population. This means a higher incidence of these crimes among the foreign population than among Spaniards.

A statistic that is not an individual portrait nor should it lead to demonizing foreigners

As I already warned here last year when talking about immigration and crime, statistics are an indicator of social reality, not an individual portrait. The fact that there is a higher proportion of criminals in general and murderers of women in particular among foreigners does not mean that all foreigners are criminals or murderers of women, in the same way that the rest of the men do not. We are guilty of the crimes of a minority. I have the firm belief that the vast majority of foreigners, like the vast majority of Spaniards, are good people, who love their children, take care of their loved ones and never harm others. nobody.

The Ministry of Equality remains silent regarding this information

The curious thing about this fact, as The Objective points out, is that the Ministry of Equality has not even commented anything about it. As I also pointed out last year, what these statistics indicate is that there are serious flaws in immigration and integration policies, flaws that end up having effects on security. If immigrants of certain nationalities are statistically more problematic than others, for coming from a cultural environment where women suffer a clear disregard (as happens, for example, in most Muslim countries), < strong>this should be taken into account when regulating migratory flows, for a basic matter of national security.

The silence of feminism in the face of the murders of women by foreigners

However, the same leftist feminism that demonizes all men, and that is determined to generate crazy controversies even about inappropriate kisses or what it calls "micromachismos" (in an effort to "reeducate" all men based on their misandric theses), at the same time he sees no problem in the greater proportion of murders that occur among foreigners (it would be interesting, by the way, to know their nationalities).

In fact, in Spain we have already begun to see something that has also happened in other European countries: the silence of leftist feminism when a woman suffers a rape by an immigrant, as if that case cared less than a rape at the hands of a Spaniard. And among the "oppressed" groups that the left treats as beings of light there are categories: above women is the LGTB group (which is why a large part of leftist feminism has no qualms about supporting trans laws that are a threat to women), and above women and the LGBT community are immigrants, especially if they are Muslims.

The categories of 'oppressed' for the left: two illustrative examples

A very clear example illustrates these different categories: two years ago, a young gay man said he had suffered an attack in Madrid. There was a big stir and even the president of the government Pedro Sánchez dedicated a message of support to him and the socialists blamed the conservatives of Vox, despite that there was no evidence that linked them to that attack. In the end, it turned out that the alleged victim had invented everything, a case known in Spain as "the ass hoax." A few days before, a homosexual was punched in Melilla by a Muslim. The silence was almost total.

Likewise, in November last year, an African from the Ivory Coast was sentenced to eight years in prison for trying to rape two women. The events in question occurred at the beginning of 2021 in the city of La Coruña. Unlike what happened with other attacks, the socialist municipal government did not issue any statement of support for the attacked women, whom this African tried to rape and strangle, and there was no feminist demonstration for what happened. This is what happens with a left that values people for their identity and not for their actions.


Photo: Europa Press. The second vice president of the government of Spain, the communist Yolanda Díaz, and the Minister of Equality, the communist Irene Montero, two of the best-known figures of left-wing feminism in Spain.

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