An attitude already shown by the left in other countries with similar events

Silence of feminism in the face of three rapes against minors in Spain with a common trait

Left-wing feminism claims to defend the rights and dignity of women, but there are certain circumstances that seem to disable that defense.

Moroccans rape a Spanish girl and that's how the leftist media publish the news
Spain: the curious reaction of a feminist group about the girls raped by a group of Algerians

We have had an example of this these days in Spain. In the last week, three violations of minors have been known, one in Zaragoza and two in Valencia. The youngest of the victims was only 11 years old, and 9 people have been arrested for these acts. The most amazing thing is that despite the seriousness of the events, the government of Pedro Sánchez has remained silent, as has the Ministry of Equality of the communist Irene Montero and the left-wing feminist movement. What has happened in these three cases so that the left, which boasts so much of being feminist, has decided to shut up and look the other way? Let's review the facts.

On July 23, on Inglaterra Street in Zaragoza, a 23-year-old individual sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl in a doorway. Following the complaint of the girl's parents, the rapist was arrested the next day. After his arrest, he alleged that the girl appeared older and that it was "consensual relationships", something that the judge rejected due to the young age of the victim. According to the local newspaper Heraldo de Aragón, the name of the detainee is "Hassan H". His nationality has not been indicated.

On July 23, around 5:00 a.m. in the city of Valencia, five individuals robbed and sexually assaulted three underage girls. The same individuals stole a mobile phone, money and the keys to a man. The National Police managed to capture the aggressors. The detainees are between 22 and 28 years old and are of Moroccan and Algerian origin.

Finally, this Friday the arrest in Valencia of three individuals for gang raping two teenage girls who had escaped from a juvenile center was known. The events that have motivated these arrests occurred in May. The three detainees are of Moroccan nationality.

The Spanish left has spent years describing any act of violence by a man against a woman as "gender violence". Without any shame, these acts are used to justify campaigns to demonize men and laws that consider the being male as an aggravating circumstance in certain crimes. However, when the aggressors are Muslim or of North African origin, the feminist left is silent, even when the victims are minors.

Apparently, the supposed defense of women by the left is suspended when these women are victims of another of the groups that the left considers "oppressed." It must be said that this perverse attitude is not exclusive to the Spanish left: it has happened before in other European countries in cases of sexual assaults committed by immigrants and even in cases of child marriages, allowing Muslim refugees to break European laws to marry and abuse girls.

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