They want people not to respond to this abuse against our democracy

The question is not how the amnesty affects you, but why the PSOE needs your indifference

Spain is witnessing a great threat against our rule of law and against our democracy at the hands of the socialists.

ERC's support for Sánchez will cost 400 euros on average for each inhabitant of the rest of Spain
More than 1,300 judges in Spain denounce that Sánchez's amnesty means “blowing up the rule of law”

The socialists now support a measure that they rejected

The Socialist Party (PSOE) does not have good arguments to defend the amnesty announced by Sánchez last week, and he knows it. After all, in the last legislature Pedro Sánchez, several of his ministers and senior PSOE officials rejected the amnesty, pointing out that it did not fit in the Constitution, and now they are forced to defend a radically opposite position. A change for pure political convenience, with the sole objective of keeping Sánchez in power at any price, even at the cost of dynamiting our democracy, no matter how much they try to decorate it to make it seem like something else.

Socialists decide to promote indifference

As expected, the vast majority of PSOE militants and voters of that party are exhibiting great swallows in the face of a radical change that places the socialists outside the Constitution. Once again, it is clear that if we have to choose between the Constitution and what the party says, the socialists choose the party.

In the absence of better arguments, many left-wing activists, surely oriented from the party, have decided to opt for indifference, stating that the amnesty does not affect the Spanish people, who would be more concerned about enjoying good services. public than that political issue, as if they were exclusive things. This is not new. For years, many sympathizers of all kinds of dictatorships have justified their lack of freedom by claiming that it did not affect ordinary people, who were more concerned about having their basic needs covered, pointing out that those imprisoned for political reasons They were a radical minority.

An indifference that the nazis benefited from

Some still wonder how the nazis were able to seize power and liquidate German democracy without there being a popular revolt, without people rebelling against these abuses or coming to the aid of those who were being persecuted. In 1945, Martin Niemöller captured it clearly in a very famous poem: "Als sie mich holten" (When they came for me). In the poem, Noemöller recalled:

"When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent.
I was not a Jew."

The nazis used this attitude of indifference to their advantage to undermine the resistance of many Germans who were not nazis, but were simply indifferent to what did not affect them in their daily lives. Finally, this indifference ended up plunging the entire German population into a brutal dictatorship, led by a band of unscrupulous criminals who ended up leading their country to destruction.

All socialisms lead to the same end: the concentration of power

It is no coincidence that now it is another franchise of socialism that seeks to erode Spanish democracy, destroying our right to equality before the law, destroying the separation of powers and establishing a regime of corruption in which the government's allies will be above the law, while ordinary citizens are relentlessly applied all kinds of sanctions for any infraction, no matter how slight.

After all, both in its nationalist franchises (nazism and fascism) and in its internationalist franchises (communism and the so-called social democracy), socialism has always been the aspiration of concentrating all possible power in some few hands, always using noble intentions such as solidarity, justice or equality as pretexts, but in the end always benefiting the socialist political elite at the expense of the people, who see their freedoms trampled.

For a democracy to be authentic it must be based on a strict limitation of power and on a clear separation of public powers, something that socialism has never accepted. What we are seeing in Spain is one more attempt by socialism to destroy the containment dams of power, the limits that prevent rulers from abusing their position to subject us to their whims. If there is anyone who seriously believes that this does not affect them, they should consult the history books to discover the suffering that humanity has suffered because of this insatiable thirst of a few.


Photo: Johannes Krupinski.

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