A shareholder of that newspaper is a relative of the emir of Qatar, a ally of Iran

El País's links with a regime allied with Iran and its filthy campaign against Alejo Vidal-Quadras after his assassination attempt

Just three days ago two criminals shot former deputy Alejo Vidal-Quadras in the head and a socialist media is already throwing garbage at him.

The CNMV report that indicates why El País treats Israel with so much hostility
The socialist newspaper El País dedicates a long article to Hamas that omits the word 'terrorist'

The possible Iranian authorship, a very uncomfortable issue for the Sánchez government

As soon as the crime was known, a media affiliated with the government - Cadena SER, from the PRISA Group - spread the hypothesis of a robbery. A premature hypothesis, based on anonymous sources and that did not correspond to the way in which the crime was perpetrated. Finally, Vidal-Quadras himself pointed out Iran and the Police are investigating the crime as a terrorist act , which makes this fact a very uncomfortable issue for the government chaired by Pedro Sánchez, taking into account the links between the party of two ministers, Podemos, and Iran.

El País launches a smear campaign against Vidal-Quadras

In any country with a normal government and with normal media, the logical thing would be to investigate the tentacles of Iran in Spain and how that Islamist dictatorship promotes terrorism beyond its borders, especially when Spain is in a level 4 anti-terrorist alert. Instead, a pro-government newspaper, El País, has launched into trashing Vidal-Quadras and Vox, presenting them as linked to a "terrorist" group called the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). In the news itself it is left until the end of the eighth paragraph that this group also had a relationship with the former Spanish presidents José María Aznar and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, as I already told here ago four years.

Why does El País hide the socialist Zapatero in the eighth paragraph? Is the socialist newspaper going to accuse the former socialist president of collaborating with a terrorist group? Because that, judging by the headline, is what El País is doing with Vox and with Vidal-Quadras. Let's observe the paradox: supposedly the Iranian dictatorship is trying to assassinate a Spanish citizen in Spain, and a media outlet related to the government (which includes a party that has links to that Islamist dictatorship) is dedicated to to point out the victim of the crime, and not the Iranian dictatorship.

Does the socialist newspaper want us to think that the terrorist is Vidal-Quadras?

El País has always been a nauseating newspaper, it seemed that it could no longer elaborate on its moral misery, but what is it doing now? Does the socialist newspaper want us to think that the terrorist is Vidal-Quadras? Because it is strange that it expresses much more interest in discrediting the victim than in knowing who organized this crime, and if Iran is really behind it. Is El País afraid that something will be discovered that will further dirty its friends in the government?

Let us remember that the NCRI is an organization that aims to establish a democratic regime in Iran. This organization is made up of people of different religions, who aspire for their country to have a political system based on the separation of religions. religion and the state. Reading El País, it seems that the bad guys are the Iranian democrats of the NCRI, and not the Iranian terrorist regime, which has been organizing assassinations outside its borders for years against the Iranian democratic opposition and those who support it.

El País's ties with Qatar, a great ally of Iran

It must be said that in that infamous campaign El País omits a relevant fact that all its readers should know to assess the extent to which that newspaper has a special bias in everything related to Iran. As I explained here recently, the PRISA Group, owner of the socialist newspaper, has among its significant shareholders a Qatari magnate, who is a relative of the current head of the State of that country, an absolute monarchy that imposes Islamic law, contemplates the death penalty for homosexuals, persecutes Christians and seriously discriminates against women.

Iran and Qatar have close ties, and both countries are the main sponsors of Hamas terrorists, along with Turkey. In fact, currently, Hamas head Ismail Haniyeh resides in Qatar. Taking these data into account, it is worth asking whether El País's nauseating campaign against Vidal-Quadras, when he has not yet left the hospital, is intended to raise a smoke screen to cover the allies of one of its majority shareholders. That is what El País should be explaining to its readers, instead of throwing garbage at the victim of an attempted murder.

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