An incomprehensible gesture in the midst of a socialist coup on the rule of law

Since when do you shake hands with someone for committing fraud and corruption, Mr. Feijóo?

One of the great problems of the Popular Party is incoherence: saying one thing and doing the opposite. Today he has exhibited that defect again.

A mafia pulls Pedro Sánchez's strings and makes an exhibition of domination with him
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In this investiture debate, and during the last hours, Feijóo has accused Sánchez of committing a "fraud" and carrying out "an exercise in political corruption", and ha noted that the socialist leader has bought the support of his parliamentary partners "by signing checks that all Spaniards will pay." He also denounced "the damage caused to our coexistence and our democracy by the ambition of Pedro Sánchez", and his party he accused him of repealing the division of powers in Spain "to buy the presidency of the Government."

Feijóo and the Popular Party are right in these accusations: just look at the way in which Sánchez has traded with our rule of law to obtain the support of the separatists, promising them things that are openly illegal and that are an attack against the Constitution.

However, after Sánchez's re-election in Congress, the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has approached Pedro Sánchez's seat and shaken his hand.

This gesture is a clear sign of congratulations. That is, congratulations for being successful in committing fraud, in carrying out an exercise in political corruption, in attacking the separation of powers and in buying the votes of your allies issuing bills that all Spaniards will have to pay, as Feijóo and the PP rightly said. The obvious question is: since when is someone congratulated for being successful in committing all those vile things to stay in power?

With his incomprehensible gesture, what Feijóo does is convey the idea that he did not believe any of his accusations against Sánchez, despite them being true. Some will say that this is a gesture of parliamentary courtesy and that political debate is not incompatible with good manners. However, in whose mind is it possible to show courtesy to someone who is demolishing our democracy? What idea of good manners is that that leads to congratulating someone for being successful in deceiving millions of Spaniards to stay in power? Once again, Feijóo and the PP exhibit their incoherence and leave many of their voters speechless.


Photo: Efe.

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