His distancing from social reality already reaches stratospheric levels

Javier Milei's victory in Argentina and the funny headlines from leftist media

The left has been labeling those who contradict it as "far-right" for so long that it has already lost its sense of ridicule.

Javier Milei and the blatant manipulation campaign of the 'far-journalists'
Milei's victory in Argentina and the headlines that should embarrass certain media

The media left is one of the main protagonists of this distancing from reality that is based on the inability to admit discrepancy and the desire to demonize those who deviate from leftist dogmas, with a degree of intolerance and fanatical orthodoxy that would make guys like Stalin or Mao cry with happiness. Its distancing from the reality of our society, in which there is a diversity of opinions and ideologies despite his desire to impose a single thought on us, already reaches stratospheric levels.

This Sunday Argentina held the second round of its presidential elections between two candidates: the socialist Sergio Massa and the liberal Javier Milei. Massa is the Minister of Economy of the leftist president Alberto Fernández, who has governed Argentina since 2019, taking to the extreme the era of decadence initiated by Peronist socialism, a decadence that took Argentina from being a rich country to being an underdeveloped country. Milei has won the elections with a determined commitment to economic freedom, that is, to introduce in Argentina the recipe that has led to success in countries like Ireland or Taiwan. Against them were the supporters of the socialist recipes that have ruined Argentina itself, Venezuela and also Spain.

The leftist media, indifferent to the damage that socialism has done in Argentina, have shown their anger by once again exhibiting an ideological sectarianism that is very funny, because it shows their lack of credibility and demonstrates the inability of the left-wing means to accept that the ideological pluralism typical of democratic societies. Let's look at some examples:

El País. The Spanish socialist newspaper, a medium very close to Pedro Sánchez's government, labels Milei (who is a libertarian) as "far-rightist" but never labels as "far-left" even the communist dictatorships or their supporters in the West, among them several Sánchez ministers.

Eldiario.es. The far-left digital newspaper directed by Ignacio Escolar, another of the media affiliated with Pedro Sánchez's government, also labels the libertarian Milei as "far-rightist". This is not at all strange, if we take into account that Escolar is a guy who sees far-rightists everywhere.

Público. This far-left pamphlet, another of the Sánchez government's media exploits, becomes dramatic and says that "Argentina is looking over the precipice", while also calling Milei "far-rightist." That country was thrown onto the socialist precipice years ago with fatal consequences for the Argentine people, but Público must have been playing some app to persecute dissidents when that happened.

El Plural. This radical socialist pamphlet, which seems more like a parody of the left itself than a serious medium, becomes even more dramatic than Público and says that "Argentina looks into the abyss after Milei's victory", all This is framed in a mourning block to make clear the sadness in its writing. They only needed to say that Godzilla is approaching the Argentine coast to complete this ridiculous way of breaking news.

The New York Times. The most influential leftist newspaper in the United States associates Milei with the "global ultra-right" in its Spanish edition, simply because today Argentina leaves the influence networks of dictatorships such as Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. To complete the conspiracy theory, the NYT could have associated Milei with an extraterrestrial conspiracy or perhaps with an attempt by an extradimensional civilization to invade Argentina and end socialism.

The Guardian. The leftist British newspaper chooses one of the funniest headlines: it labels Milei as a "far-right libertarian", which is associating the classic liberal speech of the winner in these elections with an extreme of politics known for his illiberalism. The Guardian's headline is as ridiculous as if it had called it "anti-Marxist communist", but the mental confusion of the Western left goes so far that I wouldn't be surprised to end up reading something like that in that newspaper...


Photo: AFP.

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