COPE also joins the demonization campaign against the right-wing

Milei's victory in Argentina and the headlines that should embarrass certain media

This Sunday, August 13, the PASO Elections (primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory) were held in Argentina.

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These elections are intended to designate the candidacies for the presidential and legislative elections to be held on October 22. The official results can be found here. The liberal-conservative Javier Milei, from La Libertad Avanza coalition, was the unexpected winner, with 30.04% of the vote, and Perionismo obtained the worst result in its entire history. These results indicate that many Argentines are fed up with a hegemonic Peronism that has led their country into a very bad economic situation and has generated high levels of political corruption.

Milei's victory in Argentina has once again exposed the blatant ideological bias of many media outlets, including some that are publicly owned. The fact that Milei has a liberal speech -or libertarian, depending on which label we want to use- has not prevented a new spectacle of leftist journalism exhibiting her political activism in headlines. But not only leftist journalism. Some centrist and even Catholic media, such as COPE (broadcaster of the Spanish Episcopal Conference) have joined the sectarian ideological labeling of the left:

  • El País: "The ultra Javier Milei capitalizes on the protest vote and wins the primaries in Argentina."
  • Televisión Española: "The far-right candidate Javier Milei wins the primaries in Argentina."
  • El Mundo: "Peronism suffers the worst defeat in its history and the far-right libertarian Milei wins the Argentine primaries."
  • Cadena COPE: "Surprise in the primaries for the presidency of Argentina: victory of the far-right Javier Milei."
  • La Razón: "An ultraliberal contrary to the Argentine “caste”. In another piece of news calls him "far-right candidate".
  • Público: "The far-right Javier Milei wins by surprise in the primaries of Argentina."
  • Antena 3: "The far-right Javier Milei bursts in with force and wins the primary elections in Argentina".
  • Telecinco: "The ultraliberal Javier Milei, candidate with the most votes in the primary elections for the Presidency of Argentina."
  • La Sexta: "Javier Milei or how an far-rightist accused of gender violence and plagiarism can be president in Argentina."
  • Onda Cero: "The ultraliberal Javier Milei surprises as the candidate with the most votes in the Argentine primaries."

These media not only commit the absurdity of labeling a liberal candidate as such, but never call communist candidates "far-left" such as Yolanda Díaz in Spain or Gustavo Petro in Colombia. Thus, we are not dealing with a mere mistake when describing a politician, but rather a deliberate effort to demonize the right and whitewash the most extreme left. It is something very revealing that among these media there are some who are not from the left and who criticize the left, but who have ended up buying its ideological framework and its way of labeling those who oppose socialism.


Photo: Reuters.

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